The Good and the Bad of Yandex.Mail

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Yandex.Mail is a completely free email service that provides unlimited online storage for messages. Yandex.Mail is an appealing alternative to services like Gmail due to its message templates, reminders, e-cards, and keyboard shortcuts.

  • In Yandex.Mail, you can compose and send emails
  • Organize and Locate Messages in Yandex.Mail
  • Yandex.Mail Attachments and Large Files
  • Protection and Anti-Spam Filtering
  • Yandex.Mail Lite Version

In Yandex.Mail, you can compose and send emails

Along with rich text formatting options, Yandex.Mail includes e-card templates. Additionally, you can save emails that you compose as templates. There’s even an integrated translator that can convert messages you compose automatically into other languages.

When you send an email, you can instruct Yandex.Mail to monitor its inbox for responses. If five days pass without receiving a response, you will be reminded to follow up, if necessary. Yandex.Mail enables you to schedule email delivery for a future date (up to a little less than one year in advance). This way, you can ensure that birthday emails are sent on time.

Organize and Locate Messages in Yandex.Mail

While the search tool is devoid of built-in operators and complex filters, Yandex.Mail makes use of folders and labels to aid in message organization. Yandex.Mail can be configured to perform tasks automatically using filters, such as deleting specific emails and sending automatic replies. Keyboard shortcuts assist you in operating Yandex.Mail more efficiently.

Yandex.Mail Attachments and Large Files

Yandex.Mail allows you to attach any file up to 22 MB in size per email and 30 MB in total. Additionally, you can embed a link into a file that you upload to the Yandex.Disk cloud storage service, which increases the file size limit to 2 GB per file.

Yandex.Mail provides a convenient document viewer for viewing attachments, which displays Microsoft Office documents as well as PDF files in your browser. When you select a supported attachment, a new window opens. To save it to Yandex.Disk, select Save to Yandex.Disk.

Protection and Anti-Spam Filtering

All incoming mail is scanned for spam, phishing, and malware by Yandex.Mail. Additionally, you can manually block senders. As is the case with other email programs, some non-spam messages may be sent to the spam folder on occasion.

Although Yandex.Mail does not support two-factor authentication for added security, a detailed activity log enables the detection of suspicious activity. Additionally, you can log out remote clients via the web interface.

Yandex.Mail Lite Version

To view Yandex.Mail in its simplest HTML format, select Light version in the lower-left corner of your inbox.

The Light edition does away with themes, rich formatting, and other advanced features, but it is significantly faster, making it ideal for users with slow internet connections. To revert, click Full version beneath your inbox.

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