What are the Zoho Mail Exchange ActiveSync Settings

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The Zoho Mail service uses Exchange ActiveSync to sync calendar, task, and contact data between Zoho’s servers and your email program.

Zoho Mail Exchange ActiveSync Settings

Setup your email program or mobile device to access incoming messages and online folders in Exchange:

  • msync.zoho.com
  • ActiveSync domain: omit
  • Username: full Zoho Mail address
  • Password: In case you’ve enabled two-factor authentication for your account, your Zoho Mail password will be used.
  • TLS/SSL: Yes

Microsoft Outlook 2016 with Zoho Mail

The add-accounts wizard requires an autodiscover entry to be properly configured for all Exchange Server accounts starting with Outlook 2016. In short, Outlook searches the domain’s DNS records for a file (often a CNAME or SRV record) that points Outlook to an XML file or other configuration record on the Exchange Server that contains the full account setup data.

Your Zoho Exchange administrator must ensure the server has the correct configuration data. If you’re using a custom domain, you can try setting up a CNAME record in DNS that points autodiscover.domain.com to msync.zoho.com with a TTL of 3600.

Earlier versions of Outlook could manually enter Exchange data. Microsoft removed manual Exchange configuration in Outlook 2016 in favor of autodiscover-or-nothing account management.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s popular mobile Outlook app for iOS and Android supports manual Exchange account setup regardless of autodiscover entries.

Warning: Several websites advise disabling the simplified account creation wizard in recent versions of Outlook desktop. You can use a registry setting to override this behavior, but be careful, as registry tweaks can cause serious issues with your computer.

Microsoft Outlook with Plugins

While Zoho has its own Outlook plugin for syncing calendars and contacts, it does not officially support Outlook 2016 or later. Go to Settings > Calendar > Synchronize > Microsoft Outlook in your Zoho Mail control panel.

Alternatives to Exchange ActiveSync with Zoho Mail

The advantage of ActiveSync is its push-based technology and access to email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. When ActiveSync fails to register (e.g., due to missing or misconfigured autodiscover settings), you can approximate the convenience of ActiveSync by stitching the fabric together rather than buying the full, glorious tapestry.

Using services will get you most of the way there:

  • For mail, use POP3 or IMAP for receiving and SMTP for sending. Encrypt your mail if you can.
  • In terms of calendars, most mail clients support the CalDAV protocol, an industry standard. CalDAV is supported by Zoho via calendar.zoho.com with your full email address and password or app password.
  • For contacts: Many mail applications, including Zoho Mail, support CardDAV. Contacts.zoho.com

Because Microsoft’s flagship desktop email client does not natively support CalDAV and CardDAV, Outlook 2016 and newer versions support free and paid plugins that do.

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