6 Ways To Make Your Site A Lead Magnet

Lead-generating websites have a lot in common. Something is wrong if you can’t get hot leads and make them worth your time. The only way to grow your brand, increase your revenue, collect customer feedback, and establish yourself as an industry thought leader is to attract leads.

Let us go over everything that can help you get more leads.

A Blog

If you don’t know the value a blog can add to your website in 2021, you’re way back in time.

It is true that a blog is an essential component of any website for interaction and all the other digital blah-blah. In short, a blog shows your visitors the other side of your business. Specifically, the side that values them and includes them in every blog post.

Lead Generation Forms

It all starts and ends with leads. The lead generation form is the only way to attract and contact them.

Leads do like easy contact. You can give it to them via a non-aggressive form that only asks for their email and returns it. Yes, leads love rewards and information that meets their needs.

Mobile-Friendly Support

Google introduced a mobile-friendliness ranking algorithm that favors mobile-friendly sites. But that was 5 years ago. In today’s world, not having a mobile-friendly page means total failure and traffic loss. Do you want that?

Oh, and your search engine rankings will be gone, hiding behind the 10th or 11th page, due to your website’s lack of mobile-friendliness.


Not only is it in a lead generation form, but it should be on every page of your website. How else will you get your customers’ emails?

Many websites are neat, clean, and responsive – but fail when it comes to writing compelling CTAs. Every page of your website should have unique CTAs that educate visitors on how and why they should interact with your company.

Your website is just an informer without a clear call to action.

Convincing Product (And Landing) Pages

People confuse CTA and convincing page together. The main distinction between CTA and convincing pages is their design.

Surprisingly, design influences how visitors react to your website. If you want to sell products online, you need to test, experiment, and track – but keep your product pages as clean as a water pipe.

That is, every page of your website must be tidy and contain all necessary elements. It should be responsive and load quickly. Only then would it be ‘convincing’ in this sense.

Pop-Up Forms

Pop-ups are definitely a ‘dirty’ word nowadays, as most spammy websites use them aggressively. However, we are not talking about pop-up ads here, but rather pop-up forms.

You’ll notice great placement of forms and calls-to-action on marketing blogs. But there’s a good chance you’ll finish an article (and marketing blogs’ articles can be long). During that time, you will forget about the blog’s top form.

But hey, marketers aren’t stupid, and pop-up forms are their solution. A pop-up form simply reminds you of the call-to-action you missed, encouraging you to click it and eventually leave your email address, thus subscribing.

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