8 Ways To Boost Website Traffic Immediately

Entrepreneurs often feel the digital world is stacked against them. And probably you don’t have their budgets or their army of marketers. So how can a small or medium-sized business overcome overwhelming odds to gain market share? These suggestions will help.

Mailing lists for Facebook

Using Facebook, you can also revive your email list. Instead of just sending out occasional emails to your customers, you can upload that list to Facebook and capture their social accounts. This is a HUGE benefit because it allows you to market to mobile users.

Twitter remarketing

Twitter remarketing works similarly to Facebook remarketing. Install the pixel and you can now target Twitter visitors. The main difference is that Twitter requires a higher minimum audience count, 500 people to be exact.

Facebook remarketing

Facebook is a great B2B or B2C marketing tool. But did you know that Facebook has remarketing audiences? Installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site allows you to keep marketing to previous visitors. You can use this to drive repeat traffic to your blog or website. You can start remarketing to 100 visitors.

Twitter ad audiences

Like Facebook, you can target Twitter users on their phones by sending them an email. If you can’t email 500 users into your custom audience, you won’t be able to advertise to them.

 Tweet Cards

To promote your site, use Twitter Cards. They are larger tweets with images and buttons built in. They let you add compelling calls to action, attractive images right in the stream, and even special features like downloads directly to the tweet. Images in tweets get 18% more clicks than text, so use Twitter Cards.

Focus 80% on the ad’s headline

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will only read your headline? If this is the case, you should focus on perfecting the headline to attract your audience to your site. Whether you’re using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or pay-per-click ads, your headlines must be flawless.


Blogging drives traffic. We recently increased our blogging from twice weekly to over ten posts per week. In just two months, traffic increased by 300 percent. This isn’t unusual. Convirza, a similar company, had even better results. But if you want to blog, you should do nine.

Find industry partners

Every business has dozens of potential partners. The trick is to find those partners and work together. They help businesses optimize their marketing campaigns by creating landing pages. You can sign up as a partner for free, and they can featured you in their partner section and allow you to write about your firm. You will be getting leads from their site and it would be a great traffic source for you.

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