5 Reasons Inside Sales Will Keep Growing

Inside sales is already thriving and will continue to do so in the coming years. It’s when a team sells products or services remotely. Inside sales teams rely heavily on email, phone calls, and texts to communicate.

Millenials lead this era, with Gen Z close behind. As a result, inside sales can help your company save time and money.

Customers nowadays prefer phone calls or messages to face-to-face meetings. So, inside sales strategy works best now that we all work from home.

Inside sales is used by 37% of high-growth companies, compared to 27% for field sales, 23% for internet sales, and 8% for channel sales.

Isn’t it? Inside sales is becoming more popular, and we’re here to explain why.

What is Inside Sales?

Inside sales is the process of capturing, converting, and nurturing leads without physically visiting the customer. It has revolutionized remote work and eliminated the need for fieldwork. Inside sales reps grow three times faster than outside sales reps.

Inside sales is one of the most popular sales models today as customers prefer to buy online. Companies prefer this strategy because it allows them to easily handle high-ticket sales from afar.

So you know how inside sales affect a company, here are some reasons why inside sales will continue to grow and help more companies grow their revenue.

1. Engagement boost

With remote sales on the rise, inside sales reps can nurture prospects with emails and texts. Inside sales reps have more time to send personalized emails and texts to prospects and customers.

You can also send regular newsletters, product updates, or webinar invitations to increase customer engagement and build lasting relationships.

Constant communication with prospects makes your brand more visible and increases conversion rates. So, you can use these online platforms to increase engagement, which in turn increases sales.

2. Work-life balance

When your inside sales reps work remotely, they can manage office tasks and other obligations. Working from the office or on a field trip may take time away from your reps.

In fact, many sales reps leave companies because they are dissatisfied or the workload is too much. Inside sales allows employees to balance work and personal commitments.

This results in a motivated team ready to take on any task or challenge.

3. Quick response rate

Buyers no longer have to wait hours to speak with a sales rep. Millennials expect quick responses and solutions to their issues. Inside sales helps digital buyers learn everything they need to know about a product.

Companies now use tools like Chatbots and live chat software on their websites due to technological advancement. By using real-time communication tools, they can reduce bounce rates and increase customer satisfaction.

If a prospect contacts you with a frequently asked question, you can direct them to the chatbot, which will automatically respond. Or, if a customer has a specific question, they can chat with you in real-time.

4. It saves money

Every company has a budget, and inside sales force helps you save money. Inside sales reps make far more calls than outside sales reps who also travel a lot.

Using inside sales reps can reduce selling and customer acquisition costs by 40% to 50%.

The study shows how much you can save by using an inside sales strategy for your company.

5. Track performance

When working entirely online, it’s simple to track your sales and performance with reports. Smart HR software can easily track their productivity. By tracking your results, you can improve your strategies and provide a better customer experience.

Check how much time your inside sales reps spend cold calling or closing deals, and how many customers they get. Sales reports also help you analyze sales trends and develop a better sales strategy for your company.


Inside sales can elevate your company to new heights. Project management tools, intuitive CRM, accounting software, e-signing tools, live chat, etc. can help you improve your workflow.

Now is the time to use inside sales to build a more cost-effective, productive, and digitally connected team.

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