How To Choose The Right Terms To Rank First Page On Google

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Nothing is more discouraging than seeing your website rank on the last page of Google, regardless of your persistent efforts to rank first page. Improving your ranking or getting to the top of Google is very much achievable even for small businesses.

It is one of the most crucial things you can do for your business but it takes time and work. You can get your business the profile it deserves by knowing how and when to make adjustments. Here is how to rank first page on Google:

  • Determine your Keywords
  • Choose or create a page
  • Make sure your content covers the topic in full
  • Optimize your Google Business Profile
  • Obtain customers’ review
  • Track rankings
  1. Determine your Keywords

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Firstly, you need to determine which search keyword you want google to answer with your website pages. The correct keywords for your business are those that your main customers are typing in to get the goods and services that they need. For each page not to be competing with one another, each page on your website must have different set of keywords that can be targeted.

Also, tell Google what keywords you’re using like keywords with high search volumes, keywords that already drive the most traffic, non-branded keywords and keywords with low difficulty.

  1. Choose or create a page

The page you want it to rank might be your main homepage but it is not compulsory so it can be any page. Just make sure to choose or create a page that aligns with search intent, that is, the kind of content Google wants to rank for you targeted keywords. It is also essential to know that Google ranks web pages and not websites.

  1. Make sure your content covers the topic in full

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There also need to be a deserving place on the first page where Google shows the most useful and relevant result. You make sure your content fits the bill by covering all the things researchers expect to see and want to know.

  1. Optimize your Google Business Profile

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The more information you let in into your Google business listing, the more searches for which it can display on the first page. Also, keep your name steady. Make sure you use the same name for your business every time because Google does not like differences. Update your information and Upload photos to your listing.

  1. Obtain customers’ review

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Create a review shortcut link and ask customers in person so you can simply promote reviews across your online channels. Google researchers always like to know what other people’s opinion is about a business so it is not surprising that the business with great positive reviews shows up on the Google first page.

  1. Track rankings

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If your focus is to rank first page on Google, then you will need to track your ranking. Or else, you have no means of knowing whether your effort is yielding or meaningless. So therefore, you need a tool to track your ranking like Ahrefs Rank Tracker. Depending on your plan, you can track a quite number of keywords in Rank Tracker.

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