Retaining Customers on Facebook

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Using Facebook, businesses have access to a wide variety of promotional resources. The company’s current customer must be retained, after all. To keep customers on Facebook, businesses can use a variety of Facebook-specific technologies, in addition to the obligatory page and Ads Manager account. Using these tools, firms may improve customer retaining and shorten the sales cycle.

  1. Retention

Companies can encourage repeat business from their current clientele by providing them with material that speaks to their interests. They are highly receptive to cross-selling and up-selling strategies. Businesses may re-engage their existing customers and retain them for longer by encouraging their most loyal customers to start publishing content relating to the firm, which will then be shared by other customers. One strategy that businesses can employ to increase their online reputation is to solicit feedback from satisfied consumers. The business can then notify its Facebook fans of these testimonials.

Images of the products and videos of their use by customers are two more types of user-generated content. Business can use this data to better include their current clientele. It also strengthens the loyalty they already have for you. Businesses can use Facebook Ads Manager’s retargeting services to place more emphasis on customer retention. This is a great strategy for maintaining relationships with your most devoted patrons. The nicest thing is that companies can instantly retarget all of their adverts to everyone who has connected with their products before. Customers who have already made a purchase from a company can be targeted for upselling and cross-selling of complementary services.

  1. Tools

The Commerce Manager could be used to promote physical goods by businesses. These companies can choose between two different options. Facebook Stores is the key platform for doing so. The company’s Facebook page could serve as a virtual storefront. Sales can be boosted in the future by using this data in conjunction with paid and organic content.

Facebook’s e-commerce manager also allows you to create a catalog that works with Facebook’s native ads. In this catalog, companies can easily create bundles out of their individual offerings. Using this information in conjunction with Facebook’s sales funnel, the company can advertise only a select number of products rather than everything they offer.

Also, to expand your ad campaign’s reach beyond Facebook and to more actively engage with potential customers, try incorporating email marketing. This can be accomplished by combining the company’s preferred email marketing platform with Facebook ads. Just have people who might be interested in what you’re selling sign up to receive email updates from your company. You may, for instance, ask for their email address in exchange for access to exclusive, helpful content. This is a fantastic strategy for keeping Facebook users around.

Boosting Your Sales with an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Promoting oneself and one’s business through social media could be a fruitful and productive endeavor. But posting some pictures online with some explanations isn’t going to cut it. If you want your social media marketing plan to be successful, you’ll need to put in a lot of time, energy, and dedication into crafting it. But with just a few basic considerations, you can craft a social media marketing strategy that actually works.

  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Make Use of Engaging Components
  • Share User-Made Content
  • Shoppable Posts
  • Create a Timeline
  1. Know Your Target Audience

Always know who you’re making a plan for before you start making the plan. It’s possible that your social media posts will only reach a small subset of the general public depending on when and where you share them. If you want to reach people in their twenties, for instance, you shouldn’t advertise on YouTube because most people in that age range use it to keep in touch with their parents. Because Facebook is, in their eyes, hopelessly out of date and irrelevant, they will ignore any advertisements they encounter on the platform. In contrast, advertising on platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, where this demographic spends a lot of time, would be extremely effective.

  1. Make Use of Engaging Components

To get people involved with your material, you can host contests, polls, and live videos. People have a strong need to do something. They would rather not just scroll past a picture. Offering an incentive to participate in a contest, such as “Follow us and tag us in your Instagram story to win a reward!” increases participation. They realize you benefit from their involvement with your content. When people walk away from an interaction with you having gained something of value, they are more likely to view you favorably.

Incorporating interactive features into your social media marketing strategy increases your chances of success regardless of your target audience or where you publish.

  1. Share User-Made Content

Customers are sick with conventional marketing strategies. They know every trick in the book, and if they don’t, someone online will fill them in. Brand-centric marketing is ineffective at the present time. A lot of consumers are curious as to whether or not their friends are buying the same product, service, or brand that they are. They’re looking for a place where they can feel accepted and at home. So, if their friends are part of that purchasing “community,” then they are more likely to buy. They are more likely to trust and support a brand that is widely shared and discussed amongst their peers.

  1. Shoppable Posts

Instagram photos that can also be shopped are an excellent way to gain new clients quickly and easily. Shoppable content is any type of post that advertises your product and includes a link to the place where the product may be purchased.

When you provide this kind of information on your social media pages, you streamline the buying process for both you and your customers. Consequently, this will raise the possibility of their eventual return.

  1. Create a Timeline

It may seem ridiculous to plan specific times and days for posting but doing so is crucial to the success of any social media marketing campaign. Inconsistency in your postings will confuse your audience. People won’t remember you or want to follow you if you just post sometimes. If you, on the other hand, update too frequently, people will likely become annoyed and unfollow you.

Scheduled content updates (photos, articles, etc.) should ideally go up several times per week. People will start looking forward to your content at predetermined times.

5 Ways To Respect Your Customer’s Time In Your Email Etiquette

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Adhering to fundamental courtesies in talks with customers is an effective way to acquire their confidence and devotion. Email’s raw power in digital marketing is hard to beat when it comes to interacting with customers and getting the most out of advertising dollars. Emails that are rude, insensitive, or otherwise poorly written are annoying and unpleasant to receive.

The question is how to stop your customers from repeating the same mistakes. Adhere to proper email etiquette and consider your clients’ time, attention, and needs. Here’s are ways to respect your customers’ time.

  • Understand (and cater to) your target audience
  • Train new employees
  • Keep it simple
  • Always use accurate topic lines
  • Know when to reply and when not to
  1. Understand (and cater to) your target audience

The target audience has a significant impact on the level of professionalism that is appropriate. The tone of your email exchanges with customers sets the tone for your brand, so if your company’s voice is lighthearted and witty, your clientele will expect the same from you. What happens if you send an email to the CFO of the same company? Clarity and professionalism are the way to proceed. Think about the fact that being casual with a close friend is not rude. However, the same conversational tone could not be maintained with an unidentified CEO or a law enforcement official. Considering your target market is essential before delivering any kind of speech or writing.

  1. Train new employees

While on-the-job training can be helpful for developing some skills, it is essential that all new hires receive instruction on proper email protocol. It’s especially important for younger workers who may be more accustomed to texting than email. Nearly everyone could stand to benefit from a refresher on the many tools available for improving business communications. Taking precautions to avoid making as many mistakes as possible can pay dividends.

  1. Keep it simple

If you want to gain your customers’ respect, you need to keep your email interaction straightforward. In light of the fact that the average person receives dozens, if not hundreds, of emails daily. It’s a great way to waste your customers’ time if you send them long, drawn-out emails. Your emails should be clear and to the point.

  1. Always use accurate topic lines

Respect for your clients’ time can be demonstrated in a number of ways, and one of them is by using accurate subject lines when communicating with them via email, as reported by Selling Power. Customers’ time is wasted if you employ subject lines that are misleading, vague, or have nothing to do with the content of the email. If you want to fix this, you need to make your topic lines as precise and explicit as possible.

  1. Know when to reply and when not to

Aware of the protocol required to respond to everyone in a threaded email conversation. We’ve all become mired in an unending email thread that has nothing to do with any of us. This behavior could be irritating because it would waste time and space in everyone’s inbox. The “reply all” function should be used sparingly in email. When replying to an email, you can select to reply to everyone if there are other people on cc who need to be kept in the loop, other people on the email have the same question as you, or you are instructed to do so.

10 Effective Techniques to Generate B2B Sales Leads 

If you’re a business owner, you know that the most important thing you can do to drive sales is to generate leads. In B2B this is especially important. There are a few effective techniques to generate B2B sales leads that return high conversion rates. Here are 10 of them:

Prioritize Your Target Market

To start with, prioritize your target market. Are they large companies or small businesses? Do they operate in a particular industry? What are the challenges they face? How will they use your product? How can it solve their problems? This is important because your marketing strategy is going to be informed by your target audience.

Map the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is simply the path that a consumer goes through when purchasing something new. It starts with awareness of a problem or need and ends when that problem has been solved (or at least alleviated). In between, many steps lead a consumer from knowing about a problem to buying something new that will solve it. By mapping out a buyer’s journey, you can tell what sales lead to pick up, and which to drop

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to generate sales leads if you know how to use it the right way. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find people who are interested in your product or service. Once you have identified them, you can then reach out to them using their preferred social media platform and get them on board with your offer.

Send Cold Emails

Cold emails are also an effective way of generating B2B sales leads. You can send an email to potential customers offering them a free trial of your product or service or giving them information about how they can benefit from what you have to offer.

Combine SEO & Content Marketing Strategies

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Content Marketing strategies can help you generate more B2B sales lead because these strategies help increase organic traffic on your website, which will result in more leads coming through the website itself rather than just relying on paid ads alone.

Use Google Ads With Conversion Campaigns

Ads are effective techniques to generate B2B sales leads because it’s so easy and inexpensive. You just set up an ad campaign with Google AdWords, and then use it as a lead generation tool by targeting people who are already looking for what you have to offer. By making ads that are targeted to your ideal customer, you can track the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts and discover what ads work best for your business.

Take Advantage of Facebook Retargeting

With Facebook retargeting, you can promote offers to people who have visited your website or have interacted with your brand in some way. This will increase their chances of converting into leads because they’ve already shown interest in what you’re selling, even if they do not make any initial purchases.

Promote Offers via Facebook Page Post Ad

You can also promote offers on your Facebook page using post ads. This will allow you to target specific groups of people based on their interests, demographic information, or location.

Develop Compelling Content

Content is an important part of your digital marketing strategy, and it’s also the most challenging. You want to generate relevant, engaging content, which is an effective technique for generating B2B sales leads. To do this, you need to know your audience. You can find this out by doing research, analyzing data from past campaigns, or asking existing customers what they want to know about your company.  By scheduling your marketing campaign you can also plan what content goes where and when and make sure it’s always fresh and engaging.

Create or Enhance Your Digital Presence and Optimize for Conversions

If you’re looking to generate leads for your B2B business, you’ll want to start by creating or enhancing your digital presence. This includes optimizing your website for conversions, as well as ensuring that your social media accounts are up-to-date and engaging.


Generation lead sales can feel like an impossible task, especially with high-profile competition. However, with effective techniques for generating B2B lead sales, there are ways to make your lead generation process more productive than before.


5 Customer Service Tools for Great Retention Rates


Most business owners understand the disappointment of losing customers. In today’s market that could represent a 30% chance that you find another one with identical levels of customer loyalty.

This, therefore, necessitates an effective customer retention strategy. Today, this can be done with a lot more ease and automation using some software. Here are the top 5 customer service retention tools you should consider, whether you are a small or big business.


With this innovative software, ServiceBell offers you the ability to have real-time one-to-one conversations with your customers. This will provide your customers with some level of attention and will make them feel noticed and appreciated. This remote screen method of communication means that you can even schedule VIP sessions with some of your most loyal customers.

Gainsight CX

With Gainsight, the emphasis is on customer experience as the primary feature in its customer retention strategy. Gainsight provides you with surveys, maps, and helpful data analytics that can improve your customer service while keeping them more actively engaged with your business. Gainsight allows you to have helpful integration with other marketing tools, as any CRM software does, while also allowing you this access, often from different devices.


Heap is also a great analytics software designed to improve marketing, product teams, and customer success. The software was designed with the intention of significantly increasing customer experience, which translates into higher customer retention. Heap provides you with a wealth of customer information, providing helpful details on how customers are interacting with your product or service. This way, you can begin to design new strategies to best serve your customers. Heap also comes with its digital built-in Heap university that walks users through the tools and can provide your analysis with more data. If necessary, you can also conduct a back analysis of this event. This feature is almost unique to Heap.

Qualitics XM

This helps you manage customer experience. This software was designed to amplify the needs and wants of customers. Think of this software as a massive survey tool with lots of questions and sophisticated grading. Qualitics is not only easy to use and collects real-time data, it also provides in-depth data and analytics from the massive surveys. Though question customization can sometimes be a problem, it can be managed.


With Zendesk, you have a practical help desk tool to keep your customers active and engaged. Though the Zendesk software may present many features that users may find confusing, and on a large team, the cost per month might seem high, Zendesk offers a comprehensive support helpdesk and ticketing system. It also has an amazing user interface that offers a great user experience.


Though the loss of a customer may not seem like much, it could represent a less than optimal customer retention strategy. Since businesses thrive on patronage and patronage from customers, more business owners are looking for ways to improve their customer retention scale. One way to do that is with the help of customer retention software.


5 Ways on How to Generate Business Leads from Instagram

If you prepare ahead, Instagram can help you generate high-quality leads for your business. Instagram has tremendous potential for generating new business leads. A review of several successful methods for increasing Instagram lead generation is provided below.

  • Take advantage of the Instagram Stories feature
  • Create Lead-Generating Ads
  • Optimize Links In Your Profile
  • Incorporate calls to action into your marketing strategy
  • Creating an Eye-Catching Landing Page

Take advantage of the Instagram Stories feature

Marketing professionals may find Instagram Stories to be incredibly beneficial. Links to external websites can be used in Instagram posts and stories. Instagram users typically check out businesses’ stories.

The user can access the landing page via swiping. Include links to your website’s landing page in your most recent Instagram story to boost traffic. You can include links of your own choice to your posts in order to boost readership. The ‘Highlights’ section of Instagram lets you share stories that have received a lot of attention. On this website, users who may have missed important stories can find them.

Create Lead-Generating Ads

Any marketing ecosystem revolves around the customer. If a business has a good understanding of its customers, it can make decisions. The collecting of customer information such as email address, date of birth, place of residence, and employment status is made easier by the use of advertisements that capture leads.

People’s purchase preferences and motivations can be gleamed from this information. Marketers can improve their promotional activities by broadening their reach to customers using the data in this report.

Optimize Links In Your Profile

Business accounts on Instagram have the option of including product links in their bios. Make the most of this feature as a business and add as many relevant connections as possible. When using this functionality, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

To save on storage, short links are recommended. Your company’s reach can be substantially expanded by making use of random connections. Also, don’t forget to include UTM parameters while tracing the links.

Incorporate calls to action into your marketing strategy

It’s a wonderful idea to make it simple for your consumers to get in touch with you. To do this, use Instagram’s call-to-action buttons on your business account. Make sure to include your contact information in your Instagram profile, such as your email, phone number, and physical address.

It makes it possible for potential customers to get in touch with you at any time and from any location. Additional action buttons like “Reserve, Book, and Get Tickets” can be added to your website so that customers can complete their purchases.

Creating an Eye-Catching Landing Page

Once someone clicks on a link, make sure they are taken to the correct page. A good landing page should be clear of clutter and provide users/buyers with a visually stimulating experience. Be careful not to overcrowd the page with unnecessary information. Instead, focus on providing useful and relevant details. Conversion rates may suffer if your landing page is dull and uninteresting.

How to Use Email Marketing to Build Your Brand for New Businesses

Email is the most effective method of reaching out to potential customers. It gives you the ability to generate and nurture leads for your company. Starting a business and not using email marketing as part of your marketing plan is a mistake. Email marketing is a great way to connect with new customers and grow your business. The following are some proven tactics for startups.

  • Incorporate Visual Elements into Your Email
  • Create Attention Grabbing Emails Content
  • You can use email marketing to create a sales funnel
  • Expand Your Email List

Incorporate Visual Elements into Your Email

When sending an email, don’t rely simply on the text. A growing number of marketing campaigns make extensive use of images and other visual elements to entice customers and increase site traffic in a cost-effective manner. In the email, don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Add eye-popping videos and relevant emoticons to your email subject lines. Emails with these graphic elements are more likely to be read and shared.

Create Attention Grabbing Emails Content

Emails that don’t have interesting content won’t entice recipients to open them. Subscribers will unsubscribe if they don’t see any benefit from your email emails. Email content that entices recipients to open it enhances open rates.

Your email’s header, subject line, and first paragraph all need to grab the reader’s attention. They evoke strong emotions in the viewer and awaken their interest in the topic at hand. Providing email content that may be clicked on allows you to further nurture prospects and transform them into leads.

You can use email marketing to create a sales funnel

You can utilize email marketing to create an effective sales or purchase experience for your customers. In order to build a sales funnel for their subscribers, firms might employ this marketing method.

An effective sales funnel is a step-by-step method designed to guide potential consumers through the buying process until they become paying clients. Your target consumers’ online purchase and behavioral changes can be studied in great detail using a well-designed sales funnel.

Customers can be guided into a sales funnel through the use of personalized email marketing campaigns. Promoting your products and services to potential customers can be done by providing them with relevant resources, unique product offers, and discount coupons.

Expand Your Email List

Brands engage in a wide range of marketing activities using a variety of mediums such as blogs, their own website, and social media. Individuals that freely sign up for their mailing list can be collected through this method. Promotional emails, newsletters and other marketing messages will then be sent to interested parties by the marketer.

With a large email list, you can reap the full benefits of email marketing. Make a concerted effort to grow your email list. Conversion, sales, and trust are all boosted as a result. Many popular email marketing platforms and software can help you grow your list, such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, and OptinMonster.


SEO Trends That Will Stay Strong

When a brand appears at the top of a search engine results page (SERP), its CTR (click-through rate) is anticipated to be 34.36%. 61% of digital marketers and brands use SEO as their major strategy for increasing their website’s visibility. Your online business will develop rapidly and your website’s exposure will rise as a result of these five SEO trends.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • A Structural Data
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Improved User Experience
  • Local SEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine language has lately been incorporated into Google’s search algorithm. It was announced in 2018 that Google’s artificial intelligence-driven BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations Transformers) would go on public display. It is an NLP (natural language processing) method based on neural networks that aids Google in determining the context of search query phrases. AI is expected to have a substantial impact on SEO, according to experts.

Using artificial intelligence, marketers can create powerful content, do more relevant keyword research, and earn authoritative backlinks. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already commonly in use among several keyword research tools.

A Structural Data

Structural data aids search engines in understanding a web page’s content and structure better. You can check your website for structured data using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. Using this tool, you may add structured data to your website and landing pages. Structured data-optimized websites appear more prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs). Increases your site’s visibility, credibility, and click-through rate significantly.

Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords make over 75% of all online searches, according to recent studies. You may increase your content’s ranking and conversion rate by using long tail keywords. A 36 percent greater conversion rate is possible for marketers who use long-tail keywords in their content, according to estimations.

Find the most successful long-tail keywords for your article using a service like Google Suggestions. You can also use Google search results to find answers. Additionally, questions and answers from eHow, Wikipedia, and other question-and-answer sites can be quite helpful.

Improved User Experience

In the absence of a user-friendly shopping experience, customers will not return for more purchases. Because of the bad user experience on their websites, a huge number of businesses can easily fail.

The quality of a website’s user experience depends on a variety of elements. The website should load quickly and provide an easy-to-navigate experience for its visitors. Use a sitemap and easy-to-remember URLs to make your website more accessible.

Local SEO

The importance of local SEO will not diminish in the future. Using this method is a vital strategy for businesses who want to target local customers and consumers. In the past two years, “near me” searches have risen by 900 percent, and roughly 46 percent of all Google searches are local.

In the event that you haven’t yet reaped the benefits of Google SEO, be ready. Set up a Google My Business listing for your business and make it mobile and voice search friendly. Use more local keywords and business directories on the internet. In order to attract local customers, you should produce material that is in line with their needs.

The Best Local SEO Strategies To Rule The SERPs

A company’s ability to be found online has never been more critical on SERP. For brick-and-mortar enterprises, it is absolutely essential. To be effective, local search optimization is a lengthy process that needs to be approached with forethought. In this article, we’ll go over a few tried-and-true methods for improving your site’s local search rankings.

  • Create Profiles on Local Search Directories
  • Boost Your Google My Business
  • Make Use of Well-Formed Data
  • Use Hyper-Local Content
  • Connect With Customers
  • Acquire Positive Feedbacks
  • Focus On Link Acquisition

Create Profiles On Local Search Directories

Establishing a presence in local search directories is the first step in local search optimization. Local search engines such as Moz, Yext, RIO, and Yelp allow you to create a company profile and list it. In order to be listed on hundreds of local search engines and directories, your name, address, and phone number (NAP) must be provided. Make sure the information you’re submitting is correct and consistent before you do so.

Boost Your Google My Business

Your My Business profile is a fantastic opportunity that you are missing out on. This is the finest way to get the attention of local customers who could be interested in your products or services. Images, descriptions, and service lines that are accurate for Google My Business are provided.

Spend some time on your GMB company profile’s Q&A section, too. It’s important to keep your customers informed about the cancellation of events and ticket refunds, as well as the frequency of calls/emails and anticipated delays in the process.

Make Use of Well-Formed Data

Local search also benefits from well-organized data, as does conventional search. It improves Google’s understanding of the content, resulting in more clicks, impressions, and sales. That’s why it’s so critical to use structured data types like local business, post office and customer evaluations.

Use Hyper-Local Content

Well-optimized content is a key component of local SEO. Customers are happier and more loyal to a brand if the material they receive is consistent across all of their devices. Your primary goal should be to provide location-specific clients with exceptional, one-of-a-kind, and high-quality content. Improve your rankings by including hyper-local terms in your on-page optimization plan. Headings, titles, metadata, alt text for images, and content should all include the keyword.

Connect With Customers

Individualized service is always in demand from customers. As a result, you must be there when they need you the most. Make use of the Google Me Business app and enable the messaging feature if you can’t be available at all times. It’s the best way to keep in touch with your customers while you’re away from the office. Enable the message function so that customers can contact you at any time, not just during business hours. Make use of an automated message to tell your consumers of the current status of your firm

Acquire Positive Feedbacks

The feedback from customers and users is overwhelmingly good. Before making a purchase, people check out the reviews on this site. In order for the brand to succeed, both are essential. A positive review encourages businesses to improve their products and services, while a poor review suggests that they need to improve their offerings in order to satisfy customers.

Focus On Link Acquisition

Local SEO relies on the acquisition of high-quality backlinks from reputable sources. This helps establish your brand’s trustworthiness if you get connections from authoritative websites and blogs with high quality content. Local directories and blogs can also be a good source of links. Your brand’s visibility can also benefit from this strategy.

6 Strategies To Increase Business Reach With Instagram Marketing

More than 1.16 billion people use Instagram, giving us a huge advertising audience. As a result, Instagram has a wide audience for many businesses. The number of people that may be reached through Instagram marketing this year has risen by 76 million. 90% of Instagram users have at least one brand they follow. In order to expand the reach of your business on Instagram, you’ll need to implement the following steps into your marketing plan.

  • Make use of a business account
  • Defining your goals will help you stay focused
  • Know your audience
  • Optimize your profile
  • Create visually appealing content
  • Use hashtags to your advantage
  1. Make use of a business account

Marketing tools can be accessed with a company account. Personal accounts do not have access to these features:

  • Instagram Insights are incorporated.
  • Adverts for Instagram are included.
  • Instagram Shopping is part of the package.
  • For incoming mails, it has both primary and secondary inboxes
  • The contact information and a “call to action” button is included in your profile.

Influencers and content providers benefit from having a creator account. In most cases, a corporation account is the place where all transactions take place.

  1. Defining your goals will help you stay focused

There are tools on every social media platform. If you don’t know what you’re trying to build on your account, you can’t use these tools appropriately. Different marketers will interpret Instagram marketing in different ways. Even many findings can be combined. Your Instagram strategy is unlikely to succeed if you do not know where it is going.

  1. Know your audience

Your Instagram account can help you discover who you are, what you’re thinking, and how to sell on Instagram by conducting a little research into your account. Instagram’s most frequent users are between the ages of 18 and 29. Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the United States. Instagram is more popular in metropolitan areas than in the suburbs. When it comes time to choose targeting options for your Instagram ads, which you offer from your account, this information will be critical.

  1. Optimize your profile

The information on your account should always be optimized. An excellent initial impression of your brand and the reasons for people to follow you should be reflected in your Instagram bio. Add a few additional fields on your Instagram page to show off your business and make it easier for others to find you, as well.

  1. Create visually appealing content

When it comes to using Instagram as a marketing tool, it is imperative that your posts are visually appealing. Professional photography skills and equipment are not required to take great photos. As a minimum, your photos and videos must be clear, well-lit, well-composed, and in focus. Even more so than normal, it’s critical that your visuals are appealing to the eye.

Keeping in mind that intriguing material might help you grow your audience is a good rule of thumb to follow. Focus on creating shareable content rather than merely likes when thinking about how you can best sell your business on Instagram.

  1. Use hashtags to your advantage

Hashtags are a great way to increase your online presence and be found by more people. Instagram posts can contain up to 30 hashtags. Most likely, you don’t want to do that at this time. The maximum number of hashtags that can be used in a single post is nine. If you go over that limit, you run the risk of being accused of “hashtag stuffing,” which is a bad behavior that will lose you followers. People will ignore your post if you use too many irrelevant or repetitive hashtags.