5 Customer Service Tools for Great Retention Rates


Most business owners understand the disappointment of losing customers. In today’s market that could represent a 30% chance that you find another one with identical levels of customer loyalty.

This, therefore, necessitates an effective customer retention strategy. Today, this can be done with a lot more ease and automation using some software. Here are the top 5 customer service retention tools you should consider, whether you are a small or big business.


With this innovative software, ServiceBell offers you the ability to have real-time one-to-one conversations with your customers. This will provide your customers with some level of attention and will make them feel noticed and appreciated. This remote screen method of communication means that you can even schedule VIP sessions with some of your most loyal customers.

Gainsight CX

With Gainsight, the emphasis is on customer experience as the primary feature in its customer retention strategy. Gainsight provides you with surveys, maps, and helpful data analytics that can improve your customer service while keeping them more actively engaged with your business. Gainsight allows you to have helpful integration with other marketing tools, as any CRM software does, while also allowing you this access, often from different devices.


Heap is also a great analytics software designed to improve marketing, product teams, and customer success. The software was designed with the intention of significantly increasing customer experience, which translates into higher customer retention. Heap provides you with a wealth of customer information, providing helpful details on how customers are interacting with your product or service. This way, you can begin to design new strategies to best serve your customers. Heap also comes with its digital built-in Heap university that walks users through the tools and can provide your analysis with more data. If necessary, you can also conduct a back analysis of this event. This feature is almost unique to Heap.

Qualitics XM

This helps you manage customer experience. This software was designed to amplify the needs and wants of customers. Think of this software as a massive survey tool with lots of questions and sophisticated grading. Qualitics is not only easy to use and collects real-time data, it also provides in-depth data and analytics from the massive surveys. Though question customization can sometimes be a problem, it can be managed.


With Zendesk, you have a practical help desk tool to keep your customers active and engaged. Though the Zendesk software may present many features that users may find confusing, and on a large team, the cost per month might seem high, Zendesk offers a comprehensive support helpdesk and ticketing system. It also has an amazing user interface that offers a great user experience.


Though the loss of a customer may not seem like much, it could represent a less than optimal customer retention strategy. Since businesses thrive on patronage and patronage from customers, more business owners are looking for ways to improve their customer retention scale. One way to do that is with the help of customer retention software.


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