How To Build an Email Campaign Marketing List


Developing an email marketing campaign strategy is a time-consuming process if you lack experience or are unfamiliar with current email marketing trends. While it is a single channel, it contains numerous components that fit together like puzzle pieces. You can easily mess up marketing emails if you are unfamiliar with how they work.


  • Benefits of an Email Marketing Plan
  • How to Create an Email Marketing List

Benefits of an Email Marketing Plan

Marketing emails can do the following:

  • Increase brand recognition: Engaging content educates your captive audience about your brand, building goodwill and brand equity. When prospects are ready to buy your product or service, you’re top of mind.
  • Production, deployment, tracking, and monitoring of email marketing landing page designs is less expensive and time consuming than producing television commercials or mailing direct mail.
  • Customer relationships were once strengthened by exchanging mail. Email marketing allows subscribers to learn more about your brand. Simultaneously, you learn about customer behavior.
  • Assist in delivering desired results: It’s now simple to connect user actions to business outcomes, for example, you can connect email marketing ROI to your email marketing open rate or conversion rate.
  • A list you can own: Your email list is made up of people who signed up to receive your emails. Other digital marketing channels rely on consumer profiles, but not this list (which work for certain goals).

How to Create an Email Marketing List

Create a list of email subscribers before or during the creation of an email marketing template.

Here are the key steps to successful email collection:

1. Optimize Vital Pages

Maximizing your homepage and About page is the first of our email marketing tips. Place a sign-up box with a strong call-to-action (CTA) below the fold to avoid disrupting the flow of each page.

Then, experts advise using the two-step opt-in method. You provide a link that leads to a pop-up form that people can fill out. LeadPages reported a 60% increase in newsletter subscriptions using email marketing automation.

2. Build Attractive Lead Magnets

In the awareness and interest phase, start by offering a lead magnet they can’t refuse.

Lead magnets are freebies offered to potential leads in exchange for their email addresses. Consider it a perk for signing up. They can be free services, discounts, or digital content.

3. Make Use of Forms That Convert

Determine the optimal field count for maximum conversion. You can also use the two-step opt-in method. Once they’ve filled out the form, send them to your email marketing landing page. This allows them to download the free content they came for.

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