4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Email Click-Through Rate

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Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers, prospects, and other stakeholders. However, achieving certain results can be difficult.

Even though some say email marketing is dead, here’s why most marketers still use it. Email marketing has a 4400% ROI potential. To attract and retain users, this remains true.

Moreover, we’ve already achieved impressive CTR and email deliverability on recent projects. We used Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) for this and it worked great. I’ll go into more detail below.

Here are some easy-to-implement but highly effective tactics for increasing your email campaign’s CTR:

  • Make sure your email gets delivered
  • Regularly clean your email list
  • Make your email headline appealing (to make them open the email)
  • Maintain your users’ attention and increase your call to action(CTA) with interactive emails
  1. Make sure your email gets delivered

Email services like Google or AOL track your actions as a sender. So, they decide whether your email gets delivered or goes to spam or junk. Whether you’ve sent spammy irrelevant content, emails to people who aren’t subscribed to your list, sent massive amounts of emails in a short timeframe, or simply been marked as spam by many people.

Taking this into account, you must choose between shared and dedicated IP addresses. According to MarketinShepra, TBC, a tire company with many online brands, increased deliverability from 60% to 95%. Rather than risking their reputation, they obtained a dedicated IP address.

If you choose this route, keep in mind that you must be familiar with all IP warming practices or risk ruining your reputation. A dedicated IP is not required if you only have a few thousand subscribers.

Deliverability was also an issue for one of our food industry clients as we redesigned their engagement strategy. We needed a flexible and scalable email delivery provider to support our client’s thousands of subscribers. In order to meet those needs, we chose Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

We chose SES for its global reach and high deliverability rates. As stated previously, a dedicated API is critical for email deliverability. With the dedicated SES AP and our well-crafted strategies, we were able to increase inbox placement and thus CTR.

  1. Regularly clean your email list

You must first clean your lists, separating active from inactive or existing users. The list can be divided into users who have acted (opened or clicked an email) in the last six months and those who haven’t.

You don’t want inactive users’ low engagement to harm your campaign’s reputation.

After separating the two lists, the active list continues the deliverability process. But don’t forget the list of inactive subscribers. Reduce the frequency of delivery. If you send an email every two weeks, reduce it to four weeks. Before sending emails, clean the list of hard bounces. Allow inactive subscribers to change their email preferences. Clear CTAs are essential in emails, especially re-engagement emails. The reason is simple: you want to know who is still interested.

  1. Make your email headline appealing (to make them open the email)

Subscribers see the headlines first. If you fail there, your efforts are wasted. Test up to five headlines per campaign on different test groups of subscribers. Send the email headline with the highest open rate to the rest of your list.

Discounts work for people, but they also increase frustration and thus complaint rates. The headline should be more subtle and valuable. Send your latest newsletter or a sample with promotions. Give people a reason to open and interact with the email.

  1. Maintain your users’ attention and increase your call to action(CTA) with interactive emails

Once subscribers open your email, your final but most important task is to maintain their attention and convince them to click your CTA. Your email content will assist you in accomplishing this. Several things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your content include the following:

  • Include interactive elements such as GIFs, videos, and so on. According to a report by Litmus, the best course of action is to experiment with personalization, dynamic and live content, and even gamification.
  • Make use of images. It is human nature for people to be more receptive to visual stimuli. As a result, including images increases your click rate from the start.
  • Solicit feedback. If you’re conducting a survey or poll, offering people something in exchange almost always motivates them to participate.
  • Make use of data and figures. This type of information is extremely effective at piqueing people’s interest in learning more.
  • Include social media sharing buttons. These buttons are also clicks, so make the most of them.


Having stated the foregoing, it is necessary to emphasize that each company and brand has unique marketing strategies and, as a result, unique email marketing goals.

Therefore, the next time you send an email campaign, incorporate some of the tips shared here. If you find that this method works for you, do not stop there. Continue with the remainder of the steps to see a significant increase in your click-through rates.

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