Things to Note About Email List Validation Tools

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Did you know that if your mailing list contains 10% or more invalid addresses, email service providers may deliver only a minority of your email messages? If your open rates have decreased recently, it could be that the messages you sent never made it to the inbox. A tool for validating email lists is an important component of the strategy for resolving this issue.

Who Is Appropriate For Using An Email Verification Tool?

Inadequate email addresses significantly increase bounce and complaint rates. It eventually earns you a negative reputation with email service providers. Your list will eventually become stagnant. Additionally, if you purchase your mailing list from black market partners, it may be of low quality from the start.

All mailing lists require regular maintenance. Nonetheless, assume you’re generating email leads via inbound marketing, sending frequent emails to your subscribers, and purging inactive addresses. In that case, you may be able to maintain a high level of deliverability without the use of an email verification tool.

What Is the Purpose of Email Validation?

Validating your email list prior to conducting email marketing campaigns has a number of benefits.

  • It increases delivery rates by up to 98 percent, enhancing your email deliverability by removing all invalid email addresses from your list.
  • Maintain a high Sender Score, which improves deliverability.
  • You will be able to save money and increase your return on investment by not sending emails to inactive subscribers.
  • You’ll see an increase in conversion rate; more email messages that make it to inboxes imply higher open and click rates, as well as overall more desirable performance.

Three Different Types of Email List Verification Software

Consider the following three primary categories of email verification tools:

1. Tools for Automated Verification

Typically, mailing lists, particularly B2B lists, deteriorate rapidly. Automated email list validation service tools will examine your email list on a regular basis and will notify you when a list requires cleaning, or will occasionally automate the cleaning and eradication process based on your configurations.

2. Tools for Real-Time Verification

Real-time email list validation tools enable you to inspect and reject emails as they accumulate. Utilizing a CAPTCHA-compliant double opt-in achieves a similar result, but you are still sending at least one email to the bad email address. Additionally, if a person accidentally records an invalid email, a real-time tool will catch the error, ensuring that you do not lose conversions due to typos.

3. Tools for Bulk Verification

This is accomplished by uploading your lists to the system and then waiting for a response. That, in fact, is how bulk email validation tools work. Certain tools require you to submit a.CSV file, and if you’re working with a more robust marketing automation system, the process is generally quite automated.

Bulk email validation tools are ideal if you’re examining an old or purchased list. Nonetheless, you will continue to expose yourself to severe damage to your deliverability by immediately uploading a large volume of emails. Consider impeding your upload if you have any doubts about the quality of your list. This allows you to temporarily pause the campaign if your bounce rate remains high.

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