How to Easily Generate 10X Better Sales & Leads

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When we first meet with a client, their main concerns are: How will you generate leads? What results can we expect? Your marketing team’s main mission is to boost sales lead volume. If you don’t have salespeople, your strategy may be different. Your goal is to generate sales leads.

If this is the case, you’ll need to grow your email list because more people to target, prospect, and sell to means more revenue.

Reverse The Buyer’s Journey

Generally, the higher your price, the less likely people are to buy your product or service. Inversely, lower prices encourage more purchases. Client journeys likely vary. Some leads will be ready to buy your services or premium products simply because they are there.

But, in reality, most people aren’t. You must raise them. In the marketing/sales process, many organizations fail here. You aim to force everyone into the same stage. Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone was ready? Consider creating unique offers for each of your buyer’s journey touch points. What could you use to draw people to a $100,000 service in stages?

Design Products and Services Based On The Customer Lifecycle

Start with something free. A free offer is something you get for free in exchange for your name, email, and occasionally phone number. Like an e-book or a webinar. Your offer may be $500, $5,000, $15, or $100.

Most importantly, you need to start thinking about what you can offer as your customer reverses their buying cycle. What would they buy now that they know your brand? What would they purchase next? Until they reach your pinnacle product or service?

This is where percentages come into play. Most ads and landing pages convert at 1% or less. Investing in a Google Ad, LinkedIn or Facebook campaign to attract traffic to your homepage is a costly mistake. But we know that homepages rarely convert at all. A hundred visitors convert one.

If your product is $500, you will convert 1% of leads sent to your homepage. If you had a cheaper product and sent them to an optimized landing page, you may get 6% to 10% conversion. To really boost things, you need a lead magnet or free gift. This is something you give out for free in exchange for contact information, and it generally converts 20-50% better than a cheaper product or service.

To make your sales force happy and close more deals, analyze your customer’s lifecycle and know that most won’t start a connection with you by buying your expensive items or services. And having a variety of products, paid or free, will bring in more business than you might imagine. And you’ll grow your email list to the point where you always have prospects or potential clients interested in your products or services.

Consider your offerings, your sales procedure, and the buyer’s journey of your ideal customer. What could you develop or offer along the way to appeal to those who aren’t always in the best possible purchase position? That’s where you’ll 10x your leads and revenue.

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