What Is SMS Marketing and How Does It Help A Business?

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SMS marketing keeps customers informed. And it helps your business reach targeted audiences. It sends text messages to your leads and customers to keep them informed about your products, services, and other company-related information.

Why is SMS marketing useful in business? Continue reading to find out the answers.

Working Operation Mode of SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a way to connect with potential and existing customers. It sends promotional or informational SMS text messages to a targeted list of phone numbers.

This marketing strategy can work for a wide range of businesses and industries. For example, a Tatango blog post states that text marketing software can benefit restaurants.

Restaurants and eateries can inform customers about new menu items. Companies in the foodservice industry can also inform customers about current promotions. As a result, customers can use the service to provide vital feedback to the company.

For a campaign to be successful, it must have a target audience. Sending random texts is like shouting into a megaphone, hoping someone will listen.

If used correctly, this marketing strategy can reap many rewards. Among the benefits are:

  • Boosts Open Rates
  • Boosts Sales Conversions
  • Low-cost
  • Effortless Integration with Existing Marketing Campaigns
  1. Boosts Open Rates

SMS open rates can be up to 97% higher than other marketing forms. Also, reading a text message often takes less than 90 seconds. So many people won’t mind opening the text because it will only take a few seconds to read.

Remember that the goal of marketing is to reach your target markets. Your marketing efforts may be futile if recipients delete messages before opening them.

Adding more phone numbers to your contact list can also increase open rates. You should know that growing your SMS marketing database is possible.

You can also buy data from a reliable source. Otherwise, you can build the list with internal resources.

  1. Boosts Sales Conversions

Several companies believe time is money. So, wasting time costs money.

It takes time for people to read emails, but SMS marketing allows you to send messages quickly. Those texts should appear in the recipients’ mobile devices in a matter of seconds.

As a result, sales conversion rates should rise. It’s because you’re capturing your target audience’s attention before they hesitate to deal with you. If you waste time sending marketing texts, your leads and customers may opt for your competitors’ offers.

  1. Low-cost

Another benefit of SMS marketing is its low cost. It is one of the cheapest marketing methods.

SMS marketing is much cheaper than TV, radio, and newspaper ads. Several services also offer ‘pay per message’ options, where you only pay for each text sent.

For example, you’ll send 100 texts at USD0.0075 each. So, one text blast costs USD$0.75. Alternatively, you could spend hundreds of dollars on newspaper, TV, or radio ads, which may not be ideal if your company’s budget is tight.

  1. Effortless Integration with Existing Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing is relatively simple to integrate with other marketing campaigns. You can incorporate text marketing into your digital advertising campaign, for example. You can collect interested individuals’ phone numbers through your social media channels. Then, using an SMS-sending software, distribute your marketing materials to those who have registered.

The integration process is not time-consuming. Additionally, it will not cause your business to ‘break the bank,’ as mass media marketing does.


SMS marketing has many advantages for your company. Some of these benefits include increased message open rates, sales conversions, and seamless integration with other marketing campaigns. It’s also one of the cheapest marketing methods. Consider launching this marketing campaign today to reap the rewards sooner.

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