5 Ways SEO and Web Hosting Will Boost Your Brand’s Marketing

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Choosing the right web hosting provider is the first step in creating a successful business website. Websites that run smoothly and quickly tend to rank higher in SERPs (SERPs). A successful website requires both a good hosting provider and a strong SEO strategy. Web hosting and SEO are intertwined and each has a significant impact on ranking, traffic, and user experience.

Your web hosting provider choice can have a huge impact on your site, especially if you want an SEO ready site that can quickly climb the search engine ranks. Like any other online success choice, it should be perfectly optimized for your goals.

A slow, low-quality, and unreliable hosting plan will negate your SEO efforts and directly impact your website’s ranking. A good hosting plan will help your site rank higher and attract more visitors, resulting in more sales.

Here are some ways a hosting plan and SEO can work together to boost your website’s ranking and marketing potential:

  • Server  Location
  • Website Uptime
  • Speed
  • Customer Support Response
  • Security Features

Server  Location

Users can access your site content quickly if your server location is high uptime. Your data is stored on a physical server somewhere in the world, whether you use shared, dedicated, or VPS. Choosing a host with nearby servers ensures quick server response time and positive signals to search engines. Your website may take longer to load if you are far away. It’s also worth checking if your hosting provider’s server is located in an earthquake or flood-prone area.

Website Uptime

An SEO friendly web hosting provider must have a high uptime quarantine. The goal is to minimize downtime for your online visitors. Uptime is the percentage of time your site is available online. If your website has a low uptime, your visitors may move on to the next site in the ranking. Long-term downtime can increase bounce rate, which is difficult to fix. This will undoubtedly impact your long-term SEO.


One of the most important factors for an SEO friendly hosting is website speed. Most search engines use your website’s quality to rank you. So a slow loading website signals to search engines that it is of low quality. However, slow websites can be penalized for not serving searchers well. Web crawlers don’t want to recommend pages that provide a bad user experience. As a result, website owners should find a good web host provider that keeps your pages running fast at all times. A VPS or dedicated server is faster than a cloud or shared hosting plan.

Customer Support Response

Even with the best services, your website may have issues. This can happen from both your and the hosting provider’s end. You must ensure that the company you choose has excellent customer service and can quickly resolve your issue. Customers appreciate web hosts who are readily available via live chat, email, or phone. Some are even on Facebook. They’ll provide an ETA if problems can’t be resolved, so you can reassure your own clients. A web host that doesn’t respond may leave you in the lurch later. Unresponsive websites have a negative impact on rankings. That’s why 24/7 live chat providers are useful.

Security Features

Being hacked and losing all data is the worst. Criminals and hackers frequently try to access your website via the web host. When doing business online, keep in mind potential threats. One of the biggest concerns for security teams, according to cyber security analysts, is ransomware and malware. Search engines prefer secure sites and will not recommend potentially dangerous sites to online users. Web hosting offers a variety of services to protect your website. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is required to send data over HTTPS connections. Web hosting companies regularly back up data and store it safely. Most hosting companies include SSL certificates in their plans, making website security easier.


Building an online business portfolio requires a successful website. A well-designed website with all the necessary features will help you stand out from your competitors and attract more visitors.

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