Top 10 SMTP Companies

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The industry standard for sending emails over the internet is SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It employs proper authentication, increasing the likelihood of your emails being sent to recipients’ inboxes. Although you may receive a free STMP for a business email address from standard mailing services like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, there is a limit to how many emails you can send using these services. To ensure that your emails are sent correctly, you should sign up with one of the well-known SMTP service providers. The top 10 STMP firms are shown below.

  • Google Free-SMTP Server
  • Pepipost
  • Sendinblue
  • Mailjet
  • SendGrid
  • Amazon SES
  • MailDrill
  • SparkPost
  • Mailgun
  • Postmark
  1. Google Free-SMTP Server

A Gmail account is the only prerequisite for using the service. By amplifying the ease of interface with numerous applications, the company’s global infrastructure is meant to minimise downtime. While Google offers a free SMTP server, after the 14-day trial period, you’ll need to upgrade to a Google Workspace subscription plan, which starts at $6/month. You can send up over 2000 emails in 24 hours in this case.

  1. Pepipost

This cloud-based SMTP email delivery service with an Email API for integrating your apps allows real-time reporting for tracking your assessment KPIs, and easy subaccount management. They also provide great user experience and live chat assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making them the most customer-friendly service because their customer service team never fails to react to your inquiries promptly.

  1. Sendinblue

It’s one of the best SMTP services for sending bulk emails, especially those that are transactional. It offers the highest delivery rate and guarantees that your emails reach your recipients’ inboxes. The flexibility to integrate with your email builder or any other software that you may be utilizing is Sendinblue’s most appealing feature. It includes with a full API, an SMTP relay, and a WordPress integration plugin.

  1. Mailjet

Mailjet is a web-based email service that lets you compose, organize, send, and optimize emails. It allows marketers and developers a transactional email solution for their marketing campaign. It also offers SMTP Relay or Sends API for bulk emailing.

  1. SendGrid

SendGrid is the most reliable email delivery provider. With SendGrid, APIs, SMTP Relays, and Webhooks are available. It utilizes a simple and adaptable integration process. With SendGrid, interactive videos, online communities, and documentation are all used to provide support.

  1. Amazon SES

Amazon SES is a platform for sending and receiving email that can be used for transactional messaging, marketing communications, notifications, and incoming emails. This SMTP interface allows you to integrate email sending into your existing ticketing system or email clients.

  1. MailDrill

Mandrill is a company that specializes in transactional email. It’s for customised one-to-one emails or data-driven emails like e-commerce. Through API or SMTP connectivity, you may send and track emails.

  1. SparkPost

Email Deliverability is the best. It’s a developer-friendly, scalable email distribution system. It’s an email delivery service that small and large businesses can use. It will assist you in anything from designing customer engagement emails to improving email delivery. It offers a variety of pricing options.

  1. Mailgun

It offers the greatest SMTP service as well as a reliable transactional email solution. Email API, Email Validation, and Deliverability services are all provided by Mailgun. It allows burst sending, and you can send up to 250000 emails per minute using this service. It allows for simple SMTP integration.

  1. Postmark

The system is designed for programmers and is best suited for transactional emails. It chooses the closest server for your transactional email automatically. In terms of response codes, SMTP differs from REST API. You will receive an immediate success or error message for the delivered message when using the REST API. SMTP, on the other hand, accepts all messages and logs bounces as errors.

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