Questions To Ask Before Selecting an Email Provider and Type of Email

Selecting an Email Provider and Type of Email

As you begin the researching of email hosting providers, here are some few questions you should ask yourself and your team to help you to narrow down your options that will work for you and your team now and a long-term.

How huge is your business? How many users do you have right now? How much email data do you store currently? Can any of it get archived before you finally move to an email service that is hosted? Do you really want to migrate your current data to the new provider when you finally decide to switch over?
What are the features that your team need? Special security requirements, shared calendars, an exchange server, Data protection, and more should be put into consideration when comparing different provide options.

What is your exact budget? The fact still remains that you will get what you pay for. Dealing with a small business, a free service may be beneficial to you, but for most of those medium to large businesses, you should consider looking for a professional options cos it may be a better route to take.

What are the softwares that potential providers are using? Make sure any provider you select is utilizing an email software that is up to date.

How difficult is it to begin? Are they offering migration services, will there be any interruption while making use of the service or while you’re getting set up initially?

Will there be any charges for migration or any other unknown initial fee besides the monthly/yearly fee that should be paid for the email? Are they charging per account or per mailbox?

How do you want the setting up your email to be? Will your team be able to access the email strictly from a website (web-based email), or will they just access it from an application on their mobile application or from their computers (lMAP or POP3)? Is their requirements for all emails to be sent and received, tasks, and calendars to be synced across all devices (Email Exchange)? Ensure as you select a provider you are also thinking about easy accessibility and how you can support your team best.

Do you want to archive your email automatically? If so, does the provider has the offer archive services feature?

By choosing the hosted email service, you don’t have to personally purchase hardware, and you do not have to be a security expert or a technical genius to implement tools that support your business operations and your team. Redundancies and the security are built in to continue evolving as the technology evolves, because the company you select to host your email is fully in the BUSINESS of email solutions.

As you begin your search for the right provider, you would need to assess your business’ needs and the place you want to be in the future to be able to decide which type of service will fit you and your business best.

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