4 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Email Click Rate

How You Can Get Higher Email Open Rates

If people do not open your emails, then they are never going to click. That is why you need to improve your email open rate even before you can improve your email click through rate. Here we have listed some basic tips that will help you.

1. Ask for the Opt-In

The first thing you need to do is to make sure people actually opt-in to receive your emails. Whether you are using single opt-in or the double opt-in, the point is that subscribers have to voluntarily give their email address to you.

Making use of OptinMonster, you can easily set up optin forms that willattract subscribers who are interested in what you offer.
In contrast, prospects who have already opted in are likely to click and open your email, and if you make use of double opt-in, they already have the chance to confirm if they are interested in your information, whereby making the email opening even more likely.

2. Nail the Email Subject Line

According to Litmus, 34% of recipients testified that the subject line is the most crucial factor in email opening. In fact, 69% of people will just mark an email as spam before they even open it, reason is just because of the subject line.

The subject line can affect the email click-through rate also, it can affect the conversions and, importantly, unsubscribes.
Here is what you have to know: if prospects open your email based on the subject line they view and are disappointed by what they discover, they’ll hit the unsubscribe button, and they may even mark your email as a spam. That is one thing you would not want at all.

3. Be a Reputable Sender

The statistics from Litmus also shows that 42% of people will check on the sender name before they decide on whether to open an email. People get so many emails that if they are not too sure who an email is coming from, they may not want to open it.

There are a couple of different approaches you can use to make sure that you are recognizable. If your brand is well known, you can make use of the brand as your sender name. Or, better still you could also take a slightly more personal approach and then you can make a combination of the sender name with the name of your company. Often times a more personal approach will yield a better result.

4. Use the Preview Text Effectively

Litmus says that about 24% of people view the preview text before they even decide to open an email. The preview text will give prospects a snapshot of your email and should be catchy, it is often pulled out from the content, as Litmus illustrates:

Email Preview Text Affects The Clickthrough Rate

In some software of email marketing, it is possible to edit this text, which is a good idea that is if you do not want recipients to end up with the instructions on how to view images or how to read the email online. This happens a whole lot, and it is a waste of a space that you can put to use to entice subscribers to open email so that you can boost your email click-through rate. It is a good place to:

1. Include a second subject line.
2. Summarize the email.
3. Add a call to action.
Sometimes this feature makes people to open your email and head straight for the link or the button you want them to click.

Apple email clients and Gmail, which are used by most email recipients, support preview text, so don’t ignore this opportunity to boost your email marketing click rate by cueing the open.

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