How to Change the Password on Your Gmail Account

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It is important to change your Gmail password on a frequent basis in order to protect your information and preserve the security of your messages. You’ll need to use the new password to sign into any Google product, including YouTube and YouTube TV, as well as Google Photos and Google Maps. Changing your Gmail password will also change the password for your Google account, so you’ll need to use it to get into any Google product.

  • Instructions on How to Change the Password for Your Gmail Account
  • Additional security precautions with your Gmail account.

Instructions on How to Change the Password for Your Gmail Account

Using a computer and a web browser, follow the steps below to update your Gmail password.

  1. From the Gmail inbox, select Settings from the drop-down menu (gear icon).
  2. Select the View all settings option from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Accounts and Import section, click on the Accounts and Import tab to open it.
  4. Change your password by selecting it from the drop-down menu next to the Change account settings section.
  5. Enter your current password to confirm your identification, then click Next to proceed.
  6. Type in and confirm your new password, then click Change Password to save your new information.

Additional security precautions with your Gmail account

  • You should take the following precautions if you have been a victim of password theft or are concerned that someone else may be gaining access to your Gmail account after you have left it signed in on a public computer:
  • Log out of all Gmail sessions from a remote location and prevent your Google account from being accessed by lost or stolen equipment.
  • Ensure that any services and individuals attempting to access your Gmail account are recognized by you before proceeding.
  • Enable two-factor authentication in Gmail to provide an extra layer of protection.

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