5 Ways of Using Instagram To Grow Your Email List

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Instead of merely using Instagram for self-promotion, consider using it to build your company’s email list. Email marketing is a highly effective way to get your company’s information to a large number of people in a short period of time. Today, social media is an essential part of any digital marketing plan for expanding your organization. The following are the five Instagram tactics for expanding your small business’s email list.

  • The Direct Contact Option Can Be Set As An Email
  • Make Use of Stickers In Your Story
  • Your Newsletter or Blog Should Be Promoted
  • Organize and Promote Contests
  • Promote Loyalty Programs to Your Fans
  1. The Direct Contact Option Can Be Set As An Email

Make sure that the profile you’re creating on Instagram for your small business is designated as a business account. To get in touch with a business on Instagram, you can send an email. Your email contact list will grow naturally as a result of this method, since people can submit messages directly to your company. Clients’ email addresses can be added to your contact list if they send you an email with a question, comment, or complaint.

  1. Make Use of Stickers In Your Story

During the past three years, Instagram stories have become one of the most prominent trends. Because of the fear of losing out, people watch short-lived content two times as much as they do searching through postings. Instagram stories are only viewable for 24 hours before they expire. There are a range of tools and stickers you may use to customize your Instagram story. A good example of a sticker is the “question sticker.” This enables your company to ask your followers for their email addresses from within your tale, and for them to react. In order to expand your email contact list, this is a simple way. If you’re stumped, all you have to do is ask!

  1. Your Newsletter or Blog Should Be Promoted

Using Instagram to promote your newsletter is a great way to get more people to know about your business. There are no live links in posts, but you may still provide a direct link to the newsletter or blog and a sign-up option in the bio section of your Instagram profile. They are more likely to be interested in your business if they sign up for your newsletter or blog updates when they follow you on Instagram. In order to grow your email list, Instagram followers will have to sign up for your newsletter or blog via email.

  1. Organize and Promote Contests

To be eligible for the contest, your followers must be enrolled in your company’s loyalty program. If they don’t already have an account, they can create one by providing an email address. Instagram, for example, allows businesses to advertise an unique incentive, but only members may win.

  1. Promote Loyalty Programs to Your Fans

Whatever the size of your business, you must always create new ways to engage with your current and potential customers, no matter how big or small they may be. Loyalty programs are a great way to reward clients for sticking with your business and to express your gratitude for their patronage. Instagram advertising can be used to promote a 30% discount for customers who join your company’s loyalty program, for example. Users must provide their email address to participate in the service.

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