5 Email Marketing Tips That Aids Good Performance

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses. Many businesses still use direct mail, but email marketing may be more cost effective. According to a Data and Marketing Association and USPS study, more than half (57%) of mail sent at the time was still direct mail.

But the researchers claim this strategy only yielded a 7% ROI. Email marketing, on the other hand, returned 28.5%. Email marketing offers businesses $44 for every $1 spent, according to research.

To persuade those who do not see the full benefits of email marketing, here are five of the best ways to improve your email campaigns.

1. Customize email content

Personalization has many advantages, but many marketers overlook it. This is by far the best way to increase email marketing effectiveness. Personalized emails have six times the transaction rates.

than impersonal emails Other research shows that personalization increases click-through and conversion rates by 14% and 10% respectively.

However, many businesses only personalize content by including the contact’s name. This is a flawed strategy, and many subscribers are now aware of it. Instead, personalization must be elevated.

To do this, divide your audience into groups. Then you can send each group better content. A wedding specialist website tried this and asked if you were shopping as a couple or for a couple. This simple question divided the website’s audience into two groups, but the results showed a 244% open rate and a 161% click-through rate increase.

2. Change your email sending times

The goal is to catch people about to or already checking their inbox. This puts your email near the top of their inbox. The longer it takes between sending and receiving an email, the less likely it is to be read.

Sending emails on the weekend may be the best option if you don’t want to send them at the same time as everyone else. You’ll have less competition because many businesses don’t start campaigns on weekends, and more people are checking their emails on weekends than ever.

3. Avoid some certain words

Spam filters keep malicious emails out of audiences. Of course, spammers often use words that businesses want to use. So filters are getting smarter, allowing more genuine content into inboxes. Occasionally, your email may be misinterpreted as malicious.

So, avoid using certain words that spam filters consider spam. Terms like “bargain,” “50 percent off,” and similar terms will likely be spammed.

If you must use a common spam word to convey your message, be creative with your subject lines. Limit yourself to one high-level spam word per email body and subject line. You’ll be less likely to be blacklisted.

4. Build an engaged email list

Some entrepreneurs take pride in boasting about their email lists. Long lists are useless if the people aren’t engaged.

There are many ways to engage your list. It requires deleting inactive and old subscribers, but it will help you run more profitable campaigns. First, look for addresses that have bounced three times or more. Check for simple typos like.con instead of.com.

Use email verification services. These services can identify bounced or inactive emails and help remove spam traps, which are old emails used by ISPs to identify spammers.


Email marketing may be the best way to grow your company. It’s been the most profitable form of digital marketing for over a decade. Too many companies fail to optimize their campaigns to maximize revenue. So, personalize your emails as much as you can and avoid the pitfalls your competitors fall into. Most of these changes can be made without affecting ongoing campaigns. So why not start using them now?

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