7 reasons why you should use email marketing

With such compelling reasons to use email marketing, it’s difficult to imagine not utilizing cost-effective, high-conversion email to reach and convert potential customers.

  • Email converts better than search engines
  • Email content is more likely to be seen than social media
  • Email marketing is cheap
  • Email is reliable and accessible
  • People expect emails
  • Email is here to stay
  • Email marketing helps SEO
  1. Email converts better than search engines

Email marketing has a sales conversion rate of over 4%, while a search engine browse has a sales conversion rate of over 2%.

Personalised email marketing is designed to be more personal and relevant to your potential customer than anything else.

  1. Email content is more likely to be seen than social media

Which would you prefer – an email subscriber or a Facebook fan?

When you send an email to a targeted subscriber, the subject line and content are likely to be read. On social media, only about 2% of followers will see it.

Simply put, you prefer a proactive email subscriber any day of the week.

  1. Email marketing is cheap

It is cheap compared to print or other online campaigns. Even if an email took a day to write, it would be cheaper than other campaigns. Email marketing has a higher ROI than other marketing channels.

  1. Email is reliable and accessible

Any online registration requires an email address. And now that so much official correspondence is sent via email, people check their inboxes daily. Email is the internet’s currency and as such is a channel worth using.

  1. People expect emails

True. People who know you expect an email from you at some point. Why shouldn’t you, when millions of other companies do?

They won’t be surprised, upset, or offended if you send them good marketing; they expect it!

  1. Email is here to stay

Technology has made email accessible to everyone. It is free to use and does not require a license. (You must follow GDPR.)

Unlike social media and community platforms, email is here to stay.

All of these points assume that your email marketing content is relevant, well-written, and built with strong UX to guide your browser through the process you want them to follow. Got it?

When done right, email marketing is a vital part of your marketing arsenal.

  1. Email marketing helps SEO

Email marketing builds and sustains brand awareness. When recipients open your email, you will probably direct them to your website to buy or get more information. This will increase targeted traffic to your website, which will improve your SEO.

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