Email Design Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know

Why email design matters

It’s good to view design as an intentional act, an act that demonstrates we are engaged in experience and want to produce a response to our audience. It’s a good idea to break down some of the more concrete affects that design has on your email marketing program:

Great design is a method to stand out in the inbox

It’s estimated that the average office worker receives around 120 emails every day! A well-designed email is going to help you break through the noise of the inbox and engage your readers. Make your emails interesting, your material relevant and take your audience on a journey – so that they can’t wait to participate.

Design is an extension of your brand

Your email marketing program should mirror your company’s brand voice. Be sure to use every opportunity, from the subject line to the CTA, to reflect your brand’s feelings. Always search for opportunities to infuse personality into your text, this may be done by employing a conversational style of writing.

Consistent and on-brand email design (using colour, logos and layout), decreases the danger of confounding your subscribers, making it easier for them to absorb your main messaging.

Increase your deliverability

It is worth noting that poor email design can activate automatic spam filters but more likely, it will lead to your subscribers taking action such as unsubscribing or labeling it as spam which can harm your sender reputation. Analytics and insights allow you to keep an eye on how subscribers respond to your messages, so use this data to drive your workflow.

Inclusive design improves accessibility

You want to reach a huge and engaged audience as a marketer. Accessibility rules, which might include insufficient color contrast, exclusionary language, and poor coding habits, will result in your message not resonating or perhaps not being available to all of your subscribers if you design your email without them in mind.

While accessibility focuses on the structures and containers that carry data, Inclusive Design focuses on the data itself, as well as your comprehension and empathy for your audience. Consider your subscribers’ backgrounds and talents before sending them emails. The connections you make between your creation and the people who interact with it will pay you tenfold.

Consistency in branding

One of the first things people think when they receive an email is, “Who is this from?” They will unsubscribe or, worse, designate it as spam if this inquiry is left unanswered.

The ‘From Mailing Address’ and ‘Subject Lines’ do a lot of the hard lifting, but the graphics can last far longer. They will spend more time with the material if they recognize the brand, and brand consistency will boost your user’s resonance. It allows people to visualize something specific rather than generically.


The basis of your emails is design. It has a significant impact on your brand as well as the overall effectiveness of your marketing. When it comes to email design, there’s a lot to think about, from accessibility and inclusiveness to hierarchy and deliverability. Fortunately, utilizing Campaign Monitor’s prebuilt templates, you can streamline and simplify the process.

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