Implementing skills in your email marketing strategy

Now that you have an understanding of the importance of email marketing, it is time for us to start diving into your strategy. Let us take a look at some email marketing skills for you to prioritize with in your next campaign to stay on top of the trends and then reap all the benefits this channel can bring you.

1. Personalization and automation

Personalization and automation, this two continue to be mainly the most important tactics in the email marketing. Why? The consumers are tired of receiving so many irrelevant emails that are not catering to their needs.

The personalization has gone beyond you using the merge tags to input names into the body content or the subject line. Now with a plethora of data at your fingertips, the goal of the email marketer is mainly to provide your subscribers with solutions to their problems.

When you are connecting with your subscribers, you need to leverage on their location information and purchase history. In other to build the custom campaigns that will pique your subscriber’s interest. You can then set up the automatic trigger emails. It will help you deliver a personalized experience based on your subscriber’s activity. For example, if a customer just left an item in their cart but they never completed the purchase, you can just send an email that pinpoints the specific product as a reminder for them to checkout.

The Personalization and automation both have the opportunity to increase engagement and customer retention to build loyalty with your subscribers and also to avoid the spam folder.

2. Data privacy

The General Data Protection (GDPR) went into effect and it was later transformed in the way marketers handle customer data. It will give your subscribers more insight and also peace of mind when they are receiving your communication.

For you to adhere to the GDPR regulations, follow these tips:

1. Update your signup forms to ask for consent

2. Update your privacy policies to include the information on the data collection, the sharing, and the usage practices.

3. Operationalize how you respond to subscriber requests

4. Keep comprehensive records that prove the consent between your company and subscribers

Many brands are moving towards utilizing a preference center now which allows the subscribers to consent and to select the frequency and the type of emails that they would like to receive. Not only does this pattern give your subscribers control, but it also offers you a unique way for you to better understand their needs.

Many brands are now shifting towards utilizing a preference center which will allow the subscribers to consent and choose the frequency and type of emails they would like to receive.

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