8 Ways to Improve Direct Mail

Marketers are under more pressure than ever to deliver results. And decision-makers evaluate each channel’s worth. Email, social media and direct mail are all being evaluated. Pandemics, political turmoil, and extreme weather events have made marketing more complex, focused, and time-sensitive.

According to Magna, companies spent about $15.9 billion on direct mail in 2020. The focus is often on the offer, creative, and database of a mailing program. Most marketers target these to increase campaign response. Other aspects of a mailing campaign that you may not have considered can help increase ROI.

Which Day Gets the Most Response?

It’s more important than you think to mail on time. Targeting your delivery to a three-day window with a higher response rate is 100% possible. The day of delivery can make a difference of up to 20% in response rates.

Are You Mail or “In-Home” Focused?

You shouldn’t focus on a mail date. Smart marketers now use in-home dates. Target your mailings to coincide with your customers’ preferred in-home dates.

Are You Optimised for Postage?

There are ways for merchants to optimize their campaigns, ensure timely delivery, and stay within budget. The best results come from optimizing these two factors. Yes, higher postage can get the mail piece into the hands of the customer at the best time.

Is your cadence working?

We know that consumers don’t buy the first time they get mail. Consumers need multiple touches, usually via multiple channels, to buy. Most businesses send the same person multiple offers. Marketers should monitor this cadence to ensure consumers receive the correct communications.

Address Hygiene: What Works?

Do you know where your leads come from? Are they made in-house, by a partner, or organic? Regardless of origin, keeping data current is critical. Are you using CASS and NCOA for direct mail production? Do you use ACS? It’s time.

Are Vendors Delivering on Time?

Do you compare the delivery times of multiple lettershops when mailing? Trust the person launching your campaigns. Having a system in place helps them meet their obligations.

Use Informed Delivery?

Thanks to the USPS’s Informed Delivery service, a mail piece becomes a digital tactical moment in the receiver’s inbox.

Retargeting with direct mail?

Digital mail continues to merge both channels. Advanced Addressable Direct Mail (AADM) is a new concept that allows you to send direct mail to a website visitor if you have their address.

While it is not required for every campaign, incorporating them into your efforts will give you valuable insight into every aspect of your mailing.

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