How Email Can Help Your Business To Scale Economic Uncertainty

Despite the current economic and the environmental challenges in 2020, the reality still remains that many businesses are still making good success due to the recent innovative shifts in the marketing strategies. Those other businesses that have in otherwise taken a conservative approach to the spending of marketing dollars online, are now been thrust into the same advertising marketplace as that of the tech giants and the eCommerce. While this is uncertain and this times of scary territory for many businesses the opportunity for success is large.

Marketing teams now had to look more critically than ever before, checking which marketing channels that will work for them, especially during this time where consumers are now primarily interacting with their brands via smartphones and their computers. While many of this brands have now opted to spending more of their budgets on the digital and social media marketing, there is still a more tried, tested and true channel that has mainly stolen the spotlight: and that is The Email.

In fact, the recent study of SparkPost revealed that 58 percent of the global leaders have noted that the email marketing efforts has driven value and positive impact to their business and about 59 percent of email practitioners have a believe that email is a main source of their revenue. By having their interest focused on marketing efforts and dollars all on the email, brands can now build a strong customer experience and also an agile marketing team as well as the creating of foundation for other marketing channels.

One amongst the greatest benefits that has email is that there is no single entity that owns the marketing channel. Unlike other ad placements that are owned by the social networks and the search engine montholiths alike, email is another world entirely all on its own. While the digital marketing channels will require for their brands follow some certain rules like the word count and the image content, The Email is much more malleable enabling companies to allow you flex your creative muscle and build totally creative, and unique campaigns.

Of course there are so many best practices available when it comes to creating a great email marketing message, but the very channel(home) itself gives brands the necessary flexibility they need to market in different new ways during a cultural moment in which the “new normal” changes per hour. More than this stated, with the emails, the marketing teams can now be incredibly agile when it boils down to the catering to business needs. Because companies do not pay per click in email opening, brands can send as many email as they please to communicate new and important updates to their customers. Since those that are receiving mail from a brand must be opted into the mailstream, email only serves to enhance your customers experience as email updates keep your engaged recipients abreast of the newest company news. Email is the best reliable choice when it comes to rolling with the various punches of the continued uncertainty that we are all facing in this present time.

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