Sales and Marketing Emails With This Verifier Tool

The Email verification tools are simply software applications that enables users to have access in verifying if an email address or a list of email addresses is valid or not.

You need to ensure that your sales and your marketing emails are hitting Inboxes With a good verifier tool.

The TrueMail is one tool that has been tested and proved to be efficient. Tt is mostly used by email marketers. It can help an email marketer to overhaul their email marketing.

Disclosure: The goal here is to give you some features of products and services that we think you will find interesting and also useful. If you purchase them, it may be able solve the difficult times you go through with your email marketing. You might even get much revenue from the sale from your commerce.

When we talk about marketing especially when it comes to the digital marketing, email is still king of all. While it may seem to people like the wind is blowing straight toward social media and the content marketing, the email is often still your best bet to help more especially in terms of maximize conversions. But that is only if you have an email list that is good. If the email marketing that you have is underperforming and you are puzzling over the reason why it is so, it may be that you just have not properly done a verification on your list.

You can simply try the Bulk Email Verifier, it will be of help to you. You can even fully audit your email list to ensure that it is fully up to snuff. This quick verifier is effective. It will let you identify the old, the fake, or even the abandoned email addresses on your list before you can begin an email campaign.
The TrueMail helps to verify each email address that you have on your list in real-time. It also gives you the status for each email: either valid, invalid, unverifiable, disposable, or even unknown. TrueMail comes with a user-friendly software design. It is an accurate, a very simple way for even a non-technical users to start auditing and improving their email lists.

The TrueMail uses an advanced mail server verification to identify all the users. And will automatically remove any duplicate emails and bad syntax before the cleaning. It validates emails of all types, from the small to the large businesses. And also all the major providers from any place in the world. It also easily segments the results that are from download option. So, you won’t have to start doing any more work in another software. Plus, thanks to the native integrations with the services like Mailchimp, the Hubspot, Active Campaign, and many more email marketing technologies. It is very easy to start importing and also cleaning your list with these services.

A Testimony

The eCloudBuxx writes this:

“TrueMail is a combination of a smart and pretty simple plan. In which it provides you with a strong feature list for the validating your email list.”

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