Tweaks That Improves Email Marketing Platforms

There are some tweaks that can cause improvement to the performance of your Email Marketing Platform Dramatically

Switch to Text Emails

For a long time we have been told by the marketers and various email marketing vendors to start using the simple drag and drop editors to send attractive emails. A majority of the email campaigns do not only use the stock images but also they use different colors and different styles to enhance the look and the feel of the campaign.

As an organization, you might be feeling proud of the beautiful emails that you are sending to your subscribers. However, for the subscribers, it is just another generic email that comes with promotional offers. If you can start thinking like a consumer, you will realize that we all do like the simple emails that have those useful information.

You can do an experiment by simply switching to text-only emails. With this, the entire focus will shifts to the content. Thus, you can write a compelling “text-only” message which is beneficial for your target audience. Compare the performance with that of the previous campaigns, and you will then notice a positive difference.

Moreover, the probability of you landing into your users’ Inbox or their Update tabs will be higher for emails with no images or no HTML codes. The HTML emails usually go into the Promotion tab of Gmail or even it can go into the Spam folder.

Integrate Remarketing

Remarketing is a very powerful tool that is useful for engaging with a targeted audience based on their online behavior. When you combine it with the email, the remarketing will deliver an excellent returns. Through the email remarketing, you can begin to send a personalized communication to a set of users who are visiting a particular web page or a blog post on your website. It will enable you to send a relevant message to your users when they need it the most. It also has the potential to increase your open rate as well as your conversion rate significantly. You can discover some of the startling facts about email remarketing here.

Optimize Timings

Timing is very critical in marketing, especially in the email marketing. For you sending an email when the users are busy will result in the low open and low click rate. It is also very important for you to segregate the email list depending on your customers’ time zone. Send the emails based on your clients’ time zones. Fortunately, we have so many email marketing platforms available like the SendPulse, the Elastic Email or the SendGrid that have a timing optimization tool that allows you to send an email to users when they have got a higher probability of the opening of email. These tools which come at no extra cost is programmed to automatically track the users email behavior and also send the emails at an optimum time. Optimizing timing will be of great help to you in generating more businesses without making any extra efforts.

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