Tweaking Tools to Better Email Marketing Platform

Abandon Cart Email

You can set up your e-commerce checkout in such a way that the email is automatically sent to users who just left the shopping cart without even completing the sales. It is by far one of the best uses of the email marketing. However, it is not still being used extensively, especially by the small businesses.

The Abandon cart emails are intended to be of help to users. And made for them to accomplish a goal on the website. Many successful marketers have made use of this promotional offer in the emails to lure customers back. This is an extension of email remarketing when there is a trigger in email. It is a result of certain events or certain activities by the users on the website.

Baymard reveals that about 69% of the customers abandon the shopping cart after they follow through a sales process. This is a huge blow to the marketers who made some efforts to generate traffic and attract customers. However, if you can bring up to 10-15% of the customers back through the abandoned cart emails, your sales will be improved by 7-10%. For instance, Radley London generated about 8% of sales, whereas the Boot Barn recovered about 12% in lost sales by sending emails to those cart abandoners. Many case studies also shows that abandoned cart emails are a massive success.

You should integrate an abandoned cart email along side your checkout process to ensure that you have a better follow-up and more conversions.

Segment Your Email List

The Audience segmentation is an old concept in the marketing. However, a very few email marketers do segment their email list based on the identifiable parameters. A study by the Marketing Sherpa reveals that the sending of emails to segmented lists can lead to about 208% higher conversion rate. In your case, the benefits imbedded in segmentation could be different.

However, even a 10% increase in the conversion will be a very big boost as segmentations efforts are only just a matter of implementation and do not require too much efforts. You can use various types of parameters to segment your emails. Some of this parameters could be the age group, the gender, the interest, the purchase behavior, the industry, etc. You can also consider making use of an additional field in subscription form that will make it easy to segment the list. If you intend doing this, then you need to ensure that the subscribing to the newsletter does not become hard, or else it may prove to be counter productive.

Taking Full Advantage of Email Automation

The Email marketing technology has really evolved significantly over the years. You can start to automate a lot of activities such as the follow-ups, the time optimization, the A/B testing, the behavioral targeting, the event-based triggers, etc. The automation brings about efficiency, it saves a lot of time and it also produces amazing results. Many of the email marketing platforms have also introduced the artificial intelligence and the machine-based learnings. In which, it will further more boost the campaign performance.

You need to integrate your email marketing platform with the social media accounts, the CRM, and the website and automate as many tasks as possible. Do not be wary of trying out a new feature in your email marketing platform.


The Email marketing is one amongst the most underutilized marketing technique that is available. A majority of businesses still make use of its most basic features. Features such as the subscription forms, the autoresponders, the newsletter blast, etc. to reach their target audience. Use the tips listed above to generate any tangible results from your email marketing efforts. Also, experiment with the newly introduced features in your email marketing platform. It will help you improve the effectiveness of the campaign. The campaign of the tomorrow must be better than the campaign of today.

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