Customers Expectations and How to meet them

In other to meet up with your customers expectations, there are some things you need to take note. Lets go through some of them below:

1. Trust

Trust reigns supreme in all aspects of life. Would you give your money to someone you don’t know and don’t believe in? My wild guess is that the answer is “no.” If customers don’t trust you, don’t expect them to hand over their money to you in exchange for it. That is all there is to it.

What is the best way to build trust?

Follow through on your promises: If you say you’ll call, make the call. If you say you’ll respond in two hours, then respond in two hours. Sometimes things happen in life, and there may be a variety of reasons why you are unable to keep your promise. Be forthright in informing your customers of what has transpired.

i. Communications

Make sure to keep your customers informed of what is happening at all times. When you see people in their 30s with grey hair, it’s mostly because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Be adaptable to the various social media channels that your customers may prefer. Always respond in the same manner, whether it’s through Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, phone call, or another medium. Double-check that the information about your company is consistent across all channels. If it isn’t, it causes people to become confused, which is detrimental to your company’s success. In Shipitwise, we experienced the same issue for a brief period of time following the pivoting. Lots of people had a different understanding of what it is that we do in reality.

ii. Make an investment in customer service

Your CS team will have the most contact with your customers. Show them how to solve problems in a constructive manner. Train them on how to deal with people who have varying personalities. Every single member of your team serves as a brand ambassador for your company. It is essential for every individual to be motivated and to feel valued in their work. They take your vision and ideas and sell them outside of the office. It is more expensive to have naysayers on your team than it is to put your time and effort into developing your team members. Can you really afford to have unhappy employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs?

iii. Keep your product/service from being forced upon your customers

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in the same 2:1 proportion as before. You should listen twice as much as you speak. It’s something I do on a daily basis. When I believe that my service is not the best option for a particular client at the time, I recommend that they use another service. Your customers remember that you put their needs ahead of your own ego, and as a result, they tell their friends about you.


2. Empathy

You may not always be able to provide a solution for your customer, but you must always be sympathetic to their situation. Always take their emotions into consideration. It is critical that you demonstrate that you genuinely care. Always remember their name and use it to personalize your communication. If there are any problems, which is most likely why they are contacting you, express your regret that the problem occurred.

Prove to them that you understand their frustration and that you are willing to do anything in your power to alleviate their distress. Always maintain your composure, even if they are not. Inquire as to how they plan to resolve the issue so that the customer is satisfied with the outcome. You might get some really useful feedback on what they require to be completely satisfied.


3. Assurance

Your service must be simple to use, realistic, and understandable to the general public. Customers must be confident that they will receive what they have paid for.

Feedback is useful in fuelling the engine. Always ask for it, and make it clear that it is extremely important to you and them that you receive it. Feedback is at the heart of everything. Based on the feedback, you develop your product or service. Remember, our customers are the ones who decide what kind of service they will use and how much they will pay for it. Everything has transformed in the last 10–15 years. Accept it and move on.


4. Tangibles

Everything that the customer can see, touch, and smell is included. In the age of the internet, simply having a digital presence is no longer sufficient. The importance of physical presence cannot be overstated. Customers must be aware of the identity of the party with whom they are dealing. Show your colleagues your workplace, send them birthday cards, meet with them in person, and so on.

As you can see, it all boils down to basic human interaction and communication. Hope you were able to find something that you can put to good use right away and that will help you connect more effectively with your clients. It is essential for your company to have customer with dedicating attitude towards your service. It helps in the long run in achieving success.

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