How to Engage Your Digital Event

The world has become more digital, by choice and necessity. Since in-person events are on hold, digital networking tactics are the new norm. So, if networking events and conferences are part of your brand and marketing strategy, rethink it.

Networking events already have a million moving parts, so taking them digitally presents some unique challenges. Keeping attendees engaged when they aren’t in the same room as you is one.

80% of marketers believe live events are vital to their company’s success. Creating engaging content, meeting revenue goals, and, of course, getting enough people to sign up and attend have all been obstacles in previous years. The challenges of digital events are easily seen when free food and networking opportunities are removed and replaced by a computer screen on the couch.

Events are still an important part of connecting with existing customers and leads as well as attracting new ones. Here are some tips for making online events engaging and effective.

Boost your guest list

You don’t have to worry about overbooking because there are no physical spaces, so invite as many people as you can.

It’s pretty much a given that not everyone who RSVPs will show up. Even with no-shows, if you can get your event details in front of more people, you should still have a successful and engaging event.

Take your event advertising to the next level to generate more interest and responses. Use social media, email marketing, and client communications to promote and invite.

Know Your Audience and Your Expertise

The best professional events perfectly balance expertise and audience needs. To keep your audience engaged, you must first understand their interests, challenges, and questions. It’s also vital that you know your stuff. If you aren’t, find others who are and invite them to your event. You don’t want angry attendees who came to your event only to feel swindled.

Before implementing any marketing strategy, ask yourself, “Will my target audience find this valuable?” Curating content carefully ensures your event is focused on your audience’s desires, increasing engagement and interest.

Encourage participation with polls

Many companies poll event attendees afterward for feedback. And while that’s great for engagement, why not poll your audience as well?

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a digital event. So we know how easy it is to get distracted and lose focus, especially when pets, kids, and phones beckon. Using polls during your events will keep your viewers engaged and encourage their input. It also allows them to ask questions and participate in a more interactive way. You’ll also get some interesting data to help you refine your content for your next event.

Prepare these questions ahead of time and schedule their posting during the event. This way you won’t forget to use them and you’ll use them when it makes sense, encouraging more engagement.


Let’s face it: things are a little tense right now. Instead of dreading hosting a live event from your home office or living room, welcome it. It’s perfectly fine to be less formal and more laid-back than before. This can help you connect with your audience and get on the same page.

Audiences love it when you interact with them as peers. Rehearsed or robotic brands and faces simply imply there is something to hide. It tells your audience you don’t trust them enough to show the real you, and that can backfire. Instead of being afraid to show your “true” self on camera, use this time to make your event more lighthearted, fun, and relatable.

Don’t Worry About Digital

We’re all in this together, sorry. Marketers worldwide are having to quickly adapt their live events to the digital space, so it’s natural that there will be some growing pains. Takeaways can help inform future events, such as audience feedback. Keep an eye out for less obvious indicators like how many people sign up versus how many show up and stay.

Digital events have a lot to offer, but first you must iron out the kinks. Don’t be intimidated and don’t wait until things “get back to normal.” We don’t know how long that will be, so connecting with others is critical now.

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