Work Your Plan (Revenue Per Mille (RPM))

In order for you to stay focused and for you to do things with intent. You will need to complete an audit on both the content and the programs. Determine what is performing best for you and the update and also amplify those assets and the campaigns. When you find out what works, you need to reuse, repurpose, recycle, and to repackage. In other words, you need to work smarter, not harder!

When you have completed the audit, you will also likely find the key areas that are not performing, that are not resonating with the audience, or the producing the results you need. That is a good thing, too. You can either eliminate (or you can archive) these or you can adjust and modify them as needed. Trial and error is not always a bad thing though and for this reason. Make sure you are just focused on things that are predictable in the outcomes that align to your overall goals. Make sure that you can measure.

This seems so simple, but you would be surprised how many strategies that are lacking this crucial element. Dollars were tight in the year 2020, and you want to make sure what you spend in the year 2021 and beyond. It is not spent blindly without the data and the measurement. If you are not measuring, you can not see what is working and what is not working.


Your Martech and You

Make your tools, your systems, and your technology work for you. There are so many of these that are available these days it can often be overwhelming to find what will work best for you and for your company. That being said, you should not invest in systems, tools. And the time where you are not being propelled forward or you cannot see an impact and results in a meaningful way.

In fact, you should only build workflows that will help keep you aligned and only look at the data. That is pertinent to maintaining growth and also to showing results as they align to the overall strategy. Lastly, you should only invest in areas that will help to move you forward and will help show that progress. This is easier said than done, I know.


Plan on Planning

This year has really flown by so quickly, hasn’t it? For the love of all things marketing, you should start planning for 2022 now! Our biggest tip for upping your marketing strategy in this year 2021 is to begin your plan now for 2022. Too often, we are being given a budget and the directives from a strategy standpoint well into the first quarter when we should start executing and begin to see results—not planning.

The good news now is that most of us are just ramping up now, and we are just trying to get back the momentum that we have lost. You should implement these strategies to do just that. The bad news there is that we might need to make up for the lost revenue from 2020. It is not just going to happen overnight, but for sure it will happen. If you can start to plan now for 2022 as an extension of the second half of this 2021, you will have a ground and be well situated to continue on a growth trajectory and then see results and profit in Q1 of the next year.

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