8 Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Social Video Marketing Strategy

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Studies show that people remember 95% of what they see and only 10% of what they read. Not surprisingly, 78% of video marketers say video has directly increased sales (Wyzowl).

Social media and video marketing services can help your business grow.

1. Produce Short Videos

Bite-sized and snappy video content is definitely the trend in online video marketing. According to a Wyzowl poll, 69% of people prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service. Short videos get more views and shares, which keeps them circulating longer.

2. Make use of the right content

With online video marketing services, marketers can send messages rather than sales pitches. Lifestyle content drives Instagram’s success. Instagram videos elevate brand experiences and sell without effort. Take your audience on a visual journey.

3. Consider Custom Video

It takes more than one great video or one or two generic YouTube video marketing services to reach global viewers according to YouTube’s global viewership survey.

To create personalized video experiences, you need to know your audience’s interests and where they are in your sales funnel. A social media marketing agency can help you segment your audiences and target niche audiences and customer segments.

4. Optimise for search

SEO strategies exist to increase your online visibility. Our YouTube video marketing services include optimizing your video title, description, and tags with keywords.

Of course, any top video marketing agency would agree. Increasingly, vertical video formats are preferred for social media video marketing.

5. Build Your Brand

Unsurprisingly, video is a powerful medium capable of reaching a wide audience while also targeting specific products and ROI-targeted conversions, according to a Google report. Video is a brand management tool that drives conversions and growth.

6. Try Shoppable Video

Interactive video is said to be the next big thing in eCommerce. The ability to buy video marketing services for eCommerce is the future.

7. Use Client Testimonials

Promoting social proof is a must. These videos are great for your online reputation and sales. Hiring a video marketing agency or using professional video production services builds credibility and trust in your content.

8. Have Some Fun With It

Fifty-four percent of consumers prefer brand videos over other types of content (HubSpot) – and they value authenticity. A viral video on social media is frequently candid, demonstrating how audiences gravitate toward raw and natural content. Experiment with live streaming and unscripted Instagram videos, and remember to have fun with it!

Viewers value a video’s ability to delve into their interests twice as much as it values its production quality or platform. A social video marketing company can assist you in focusing your video strategy on the content that your potential customers want to see.

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