10 Ways to Create The Perfect Email Marketing Content

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Here are some great strategies to write great email content.

  • Goal-Setting for Marketing
  • Use enticing email headers
  • Customize Email
  • Don’t Pitch First
  • Make an Irresistible Offer
  • Storytelling
  • Insert Cautionary Statements
  • Embrace FOMO and urgency in your copy
  • Improve Buttons and CTAs
  • Encourage Feedback
  1. Goal-Setting for Marketing

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Prior to selecting a marketing medium, define your objectives. You can then start working on a universal plan to achieve your aims. Your email marketing goals can include increasing subscribers, promoting new products and services, reaching new audiences, increasing sales, and increasing site traffic.

Your email marketing content should be tailored to the desired audience. You can also build email content that addresses various goals. Obviously, this is more productive. But you can’t always mash everything together. So, keep your email content distinctive. Create various email campaigns for different marketing goals if needed.

  1. Use enticing email headers

A catchy subject line will help your email avoid the spam folder. Internet consumers have short attention spans and are constantly notified. So they only have a small window to assess the sender’s motives. That’s why the subject line and preheader matter.

Try to summarize the email in the subject line. Keep it brief and to the point. In the preheader, underline a benefit the customer will receive by opening the mail. However, some people rely on clickbait subject lines. While this strategy may succeed initially, it may wind up in the spam or trash folder, wasting both your and the customer’s time.

  1. Customize Email

In terms of email content, you should customise it for each recipient. That doesn’t imply you have to send an email to each subscriber. Just nail the tone for a hypothetical client.

How can you best personalize? Create a consumer persona. Customer personas are a compilation of demographic and interest data. Surveys, direct engagement, and questionnaires can help you build your client profile. This survey’s results might help you develop a personalized message for each potential customer.

Also, use the second person in emails. Concentrate on “you and I” instead of “the firm.” This conversational tone familiarizes customers and boosts the likelihood of them opening your email.

  1. Don’t Pitch First

We dislike it when someone deliberately try to sell us products, and here’s why…Insistent salespeople make us doubt the product.

Why is this person pressuring me to buy? What do they want? Is this stuff genuine? An initial sales pitch will elicit the same response as a wary buyer. So never launch your product.

Create a mailing strategy to introduce your goods to potential customers. This approach shows the customer you are trustworthy and considerate.

  1. Make an Irresistible Offer

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Your form designs and headlines must be backed up by high-quality offers. First, keep the promises made in the opt-in form and subject line. Second, think of a great offer for your audience. Do they desire regular product updates? Do they want discounts and freebies?

Your email marketing content can be tailored to their interests. Your mailing list should also be segmented by opt-in paths. If someone signs up for your newsletter, you should only send them newsletters. They will unsubscribe if they are frustrated.

Above all, provide ultimate value in every email you send. Your email should contain a valuable offer – a free ebook, coupon code, or discount.

  1. Storytelling

So, why tell a tale in an email? Well-known writers like Jon Morrow employ stories in his newsletters. You don’t need to tell long stories to make your point. Just keep it short and to the point. For example, you can use a student’s difficulties with writing to promote a Grammarly coupon.

  1. Insert Cautionary Statements

People always scan to the end. And they invariably finish with endnotes and PS lines. Consider it; you always read them in letters.

Adding this paragraph as a warning or fact adds to the email’s familiarity. You can also utilize the cautionary line to set a promo or product availability deadline.

  1. Embrace FOMO and urgency in your copy

An online shopping website undoubtedly has a countdown timer on Black Friday. But why is there a timer? To both create urgency and serve as a reminder. Sure, you’d buy it anyhow, but FOMO will push you to move faster than normal.

Include urgency and FOMO in your email copy. No need for the countdown timer. You can use words to evoke the same emotion.

Here are ways to use FOMO in writing:

  • “Offer valid until…”
  • “Hurry while supplies last!”
  • “Stock is limited”
  • ”Only free for 48 hours…”

Also, employ the ‘exclusivity’ condition to entice the email recipients to act.

  1. Improve Buttons and CTAs

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Marketers typically overlook buttons and CTAs while crafting email content. It’s understandable because most people don’t value highlighted buttons. Make a link stand out from the rest of the page. Use contrasting colors to set the button apart from the text.

Place the buttons in the body of the email and make them visible. Also, don’t forget to label each button with a CTA. After reading the email, CTAs serve as psychological triggers for the customer to act.

To optimize your buttons, utilize basic CTAs like “Order Now” and “Download the PDF”. Alternatively, create a unique and welcoming CTA for each email chain.

  1. Encourage Feedback

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Instead of one-sided communication, your email marketing content should focus on extending the discourse. Making the message open-ended increases engagement and customer knowledge.

A direct-response link can help. Encourage the reader to contact you with any issues or queries. Simply showing you care will enhance engagement.


Finding the right content mix for your email marketing plan can be difficult without expertise and training. Throughout the email marketing funnel, you must keep the end user in mind.

Begin by building a client profile and a mailing list. Keep your subject lines personal and relevant. And also remember the design and CTA.

Follow the methods in this article to keep your emails out of spam folders and into customers’ inboxes!

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