Social Media Marketing Discovery

Do you even know why you are on the social media in the first place? If the answer you have is “because everyone else is on the platform,” then that is the wrong answer. Why? Because it is not a reason that is solid enough to drive your social marketing. Do you want really want to improve your customer service response? You want to increase the brand awareness before the opening of a new location? The social media can help you to achieve this, but first you have to define your motives.

Anybody who has been on the Facebook over the course of a year will know that things are always changing all the time. Recently they had to implement the social graph, which is one detailed way of helping you to search for people on the Facebook with like interests. More recently, the Facebook gave their page analytics feature an overhaul so to make it much more detailed. These kind of changes can impact your social marketing efforts, so you should try to stay on top of them.


Utilizing Opportunities

If your company or your organization is yet to find a way of utilizing the social networks beyond just the Facebook and Twitter, you could be missing out on some new opportunities to connect with their prospects. Different sites and apps like the Pinterest, the Youtube, and the Instagram get tens of millions of hits each and every day. If you just have your social media activities limited to just only one or two social sites, then it might be time for you to investigate how to expand your reach. Be creative. The Picture, the video, and the location-based social sites have really exploded in popularity, so be sure to go where you see that the trends are leading.

Do you just post your content without really paying attention to what the people have to say about it? If so, then you are taking the “social” out of social “media“. It is very important that you interact with fans and your customers via your channels. It is a good way for you to get feedback, the address complaints, and then you can see what you’re doing right.

Improve by gathering data from your audience

You need to do research more about your brand through the audience research. This could be like the social listening methods. You have to search for the keywords that are mostly used by your audience but you should focus on a specific product. The social media can help you in gathering so much information.

The Twitter and Facebook are great social media platforms that you can use for marketing your products or services. These two platforms allow you to monitor and view the insights and the reach of your posts.

If you are using the Facebook, you can view the insights on your page. You will need go to an admin page, and you will see the information next to the cover photo. On the other hand, you can also get the information on the Twitter. The insights are located at the bottom of your tweet.



The Social media is a very effective marketing option for your business. You can make use of it for brand recognition. To be effective, you need to learn how to manage the social media planning and execution.

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