The X Factor of Growth marketing

Amid all the privacy restrictions and even everything, we still have the access to a very huge population of different users that are on the Android that we should be taking advantage of. Instead of you trying to run all the creative tests on the iOS. You can use the Android as a clear way just for you to gather all the insights. Just because the privacy restrictions have not yet rolled out on those devices. The data that is gathered all from the Android tests can now be taken directionally. And it can then you can apply it to the iOS campaigns. It is just for only a matter of time until the Android data is also at the mercy of the data restrictions. So you can make use of this workaround to inform the iOS campaigns.


Conversation Rate

If the running of the Android campaigns is not a viable option for you. Another quick and very easy solution to use is for you to throw up a website lead form. It is to gauge the conversion rate right from the creative asset to the completed form. The experience that the user have will certainly not be nearly and as amazing as the evergreen. But this can still be used to gain an insight for only for just a short period of time.

When you are trying to craft the lead form. You should think of questions that would indicate someone completing your north-star event on the evergreen experience. After you have finished running people through the lead form. You can now send the communications so to convert them, so that the ad dollars are being put to make good use.


Placing efforts by account stage

The testing efforts for the creative asset types should differ widely by the account stage and you can also break it down into the three different stages of I’s: the imitation, the iteration, the innovation.

The earlier for an account stage, the more will be your creative direction should rely on what is proven to work by the other advertisers. These other advertisers that are available have really spent thousands just to prove performance with their assets. And you can also gain strong insight from them. As the time goes by, you can possibly slightly slow the derivation from the other of the advertisers. You can then keep trying to focus on the iterating of the best performers. If the opportunity is eventually granted, and you’ve to place a percentage, you’ll no doubt place 80% of the effort. It should be on the imitation early on. The Iteration will just naturally gain the steam as the winners will just been deemed. And the innovation will also come to be the final of it, the heavy-lagging prong.

We are not trying to say that the innovation can not be attempted early on if there are still availability of great ideas. But generally, it is said that a company that is more than very matured can afford to spend heaps to validate their innovative ideas. Whether it is an in-house design team that you are having or you are working with the freelancers. It will also be very much easier for you to spin up 50 variations than it will be to start thinking of and the design 50 different innovative assets. The Imitating and the iterating will help to make your early testing exponentially much more efficient.

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