How to Prevent Mac OS X Mail From Breaking Links

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Incorrect handling of plain text emails by macOS Mail and other programs can result in broken links. They typically appear as multiple lines or with a whitespace character inserted in an unusual location (for example, after a ‘/’). In both cases, even though the link is clickable, it will not work. Fortunately, you can avoid this issue by sending your URLs in a manner that makes it easier for your recipients to view the content you’re sharing.

  • Prevent Mac OS X Mail From Breaking Email Links
  • The Alternative to Rich Text

Prevent Mac OS X Mail From Breaking Email Links

If links in Apple’s Mail program are not working properly, here are a few tips to ensure they do.

  • Begin URLs on their own line. That is, press Return prior to typing or pasting the URL.
  • If the link address exceeds 69 characters, use TinyURL or another similar service to shorten long URLs. Mail will terminate any line that exceeds 70 characters, effectively breaking the link in some email programs. You can install a system service to facilitate access to TinyURL.

The Alternative to Rich Text

Alternatively, you can send the email with rich formatting, which automatically converts any text into a link. This section describes how to enable this feature and how to use it to add links to an email.

However, use rich text only if you are certain the recipient will read the HTML version. While Mac OS X Mail includes a plain text version of the email with it, it will be missing the link.

  1. Open Preferences in Mail by selecting it from the Mail menu or by pressing Command+comma ( , ).
  2. Navigate to the Composing tab.
  3. Select Rich Text from the Message Format menu.
  4. To add a rich-text link to an email, begin by writing the message and highlighting the words to which you’d like to add the link.
  5. Under the Edit menu, click Add Link.

Note: Command+K is the keyboard shortcut for adding a link.

  1. Type (or paste) the URL of the website to which you wish to link and click OK.
  2. The highlighted text becomes a hyperlink to the URL you specified. It changes to blue and acquires an underline.
  3. Complete your message and send it normally.

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