Best Email Verification Tools in 2022

Having trouble increasing your open and click-through rates?

If yes, you may have a dirty email list.

Email verification programs examine your list and eliminate invalid or harmful emails. The ultimate effect is improved deliverability and reputation protection for your email server.

Here are some email verification tools to help you weed out spammers.

  • Mailfloss
  • ZeroBounce
  • EmailListVerify
  • MailerCheck

1. Mailfloss

Mailfloss is a simple email verification application that interfaces with many email marketing services and provides mass email list verification.

It automates email verification so you can focus on your business. It supports MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, Sendinblue, Mailerlite, and others.

Validate email addresses, check for duplicates and spam traps. It also removes hard bounced emails and checks syntax.

The Blogging Wizard uses Mailfloss because it is simple to use, affordable, and has outstanding support.

Mailfloss cleans up your email list for you if you connect email marketing services. It also customizes the tool’s cleaning process by creating your own whitelist and blacklist.

Mailfloss directly links to many email marketing service providers. Zapier connects more platforms.

Mailfloss Pricing

It offers bulk verifications and monthly memberships. For up to 10,000 email verifications, the subscription costs $17/month, while 125,000 email verifications costs $200/month.

If you pay annually, you get two months free, and all plans include a seven-day free trial.

Credits can be purchased if you don’t want to pay monthly, have more than 125,000 emails to verify, or utilize an unofficial email marketing service provider.

2. ZeroBounce

Companies like TripAdvisor, AllState, and Comodo use ZeroBounce to verify email addresses. It has many integrations and verification methods.

ZeroBounce scans for spam traps, hard bounces, and addresses that flag emails as spam. It also removes bogus and misspelled mail.

You can also upload your whole email list for processing.

Other functions performed by ZeroBounce are:

  • Single email verification — Verify emails one by one.
  • Real-time verification API — Use ZeroBounce’s verification API to prevent bogus emails from being added to your list.
  • Customer data – ZeroBounce adds customer data to legitimate email addresses. This data includes your subscriber’s name, gender, and location.
  • Integrations – ZeroBounce smoothly interacts with various email providers. With Zapier, you can link even more tools.

ZeroBounce Pricing

Credits and subscriptions are available. Pay-as-you-go with credit. Prices start at $16 for 2,000 emails. Pricing for 2,000 email verifications is $15/month, a 6 percent reduction.

ZeroBounce offers a freemium option with a monthly restriction of 100 email verifications. When you buy credits or a membership, you lose access to these free verifications.

For a quick test, enter a single email address in the verification form on the homepage.

3. EmailListVerify

MailChimp, Shopify, and Rackspace all utilize EmailListVerify to verify email addresses. They’ve scanned over 5 billion emails in their time.

EmailListVerify examines your list for incorrect email addresses and removes them. Duplicate, temporary and invalid emails are removed along with dormant or parked accounts.

It also looks for spam traps, syntax mistakes, and high bounce rates.

Compatible with most major email marketing systems. If your platform isn’t listed, you may always upload a CSV, XLS, XLSX, or TXT file.

EmailListVerify Pricing

EmailListVerify offers a pay-per-email option starting at $4 ($0.004/email). The cost per email check lowers with volume.

Monthly memberships are based on daily email verification. These programs save you up to 50%. From $139/month for 5,000 emails per day.

To validate email addresses on a regular basis, you’ll need a solution that works with your email provider. So hunt for a program that integrates directly with your email provider.

4. MailerCheck

Developed by the same firm that created MailerLite, a famous email marketing platform.

MailerLite has some of the industry’s top email delivery rates. They have 1.1 million clients.

Their platform scans for inactive mailboxes, typos, and syntax mistakes.

MailerCheck Pricing

One-time credits start at $10 for 1K email credits. Buying more credits reduces the cost per email verification. A monthly subscription saves you 20%.


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