How you can build your first marketing automation

When you sign up for a brand’s mailing list, you probably expect an email, SMS, or other message thanking you for signing up and telling you about the brand. Welcome messages can increase sales. Studies show that welcome emails generate 320 percent more revenue than promotional emails. Let’s see how you can build your first marketing automation.

The welcome email automation flow that we will make today is shown below to give you an idea. Don’t panic if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can make this in 15 minutes

1. Decide on your starting point

Your action must “bring your automation to life.” To create a welcome email series, click “Add subscriber” and select the mailing list. To avoid sending duplicate welcome emails, turn off the option “Start when subscriber is added multiple times”.

2. Add message content

Assuming you’ve already created a welcome email template, drag it over the “Email” element and select it.

Congratulations! Now you have a basic automation that sends your welcome email to each new unique subscriber. Now we’ll show you some optional steps to enhance your welcome series.

3. Resend the email to individuals who refuse to open it

Include a discount code or links to information about your brand or product in your welcome email template. Please share this information with your subscribers to help increase sales.

We need a “Condition” element to resend this email. Delete the original email and drag it below it. Input the time interval in seconds after the first email is sent for the system to check for success. No, you can re-add the welcome email template to be sent after X days, in our case two.

If you want to keep adding content to your welcome automation, you can add an email to the “Yes” option.

4. Expand the flow

Let us take stock of our achievements so far. This automation will send a welcome email to new subscribers. When the new subscriber hasn’t opened the email, it will send it again. Now we can expand the content and the flow. We chose to include a promotional email in this example, but the possibilities are endless.

Drag a new “Email” element over below the “Yes” condition. In our case, the system will send the promotional email to subscribers who opened the original welcome email two days later. That’s fine, but what if we want to send the promo email to new subscribers who didn’t open the first?

If we simply attached the second welcome email to the new promotional email, both emails would be sent at the same time. Wait a few days before sending the promotional email to non-interested subscribers. So we’ll use another “Condition” element to give them more time.

Drag it below the second welcome email and set the condition to “Delivered” with a two-day delay. With this information, we can create a promotion. It doesn’t matter if the second welcome email was opened or not, if the email was delivered. If the second welcome email is not received, the automation stops.

You can modify this flow by adding messages for different channels, changing elements, and otherwise customizing it. This is only the tip.

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