The marketing strategy and your data

Let us take a holistic approach. Your analytics strategy that you are using should be much the same as your other marketing strategies. Ever-changing and always providing value for you. So, trite but true, it is very vital that you should build a strong foundation for the data-driven business decisions. With the continuous, the incremental improvements. I will recommend you starting by assigning the key performance indicator (KPIs) to every aspect of your digital goals and also SWOT analysis.

With digital marketing, the good, the clean, and the insightful data is a very key pillar which a business stands to drive growth and to also profit. Having a clear and a precise data-driven outcomes should be of a priority for all the marketers.

Data For Marketing

When used in the tandem with all the well-defined marketing and the sales goals, and various marketing tools and the techniques. The companies will discover that their lead to sale conversion process can be far less cumbersome for them and more rewarding.

Possessing a clean data will be of help to the marketers in identifying detailed segments based on the user attributes, the past behaviors, the interactions, and other necessary data points. Data can be leveraged for a highly targeted campaigns which will drive the marketing return on the investment (ROI).


Making use of a consolidated data and the automation to drive personalized customer experiences. In this our rapidly digitalizing world, the customers are much more amenable to purchasing something when they receive the highly personalized content. Customers expect the brands and the companies to know their likes, their preferences, and their interests. And to have them reflected in the marketing communications and in the products or services they are recommended also.

To do this, your company requires data that can be able to capture the target’s traits and their behaviors. Marketing teams can then start analyzing the data. Allowing the directed messages to get to the potential customers through the large-scale personalized campaigns.


Data Time

Gartner gave a report that in the year 2020, marketing analytics teams spent about 64% of their time. On the data management, the data integration, and the data formatting, up from about 52% in the year 2018. A very good automation platform will be able to cut your team’s data preparation time for you. So that they can focus on what really matters – acting on evidence-based insights.

The Customer data from the various sources requires consolidation, which when you look at it ideally. You can visualize via the user-friendly reports or the dashboards. While this may sound somehow difficult to achieve at scale, the well-integrated marketing automation platforms can also simplify this process.

Ensuring the effectiveness of your customer and also the organizational data.
The journey towards having a better sales does not just end here. Of utmost importance to a business is the level of high quality data. The bad quality data translates into the bad outcomes for businesses. The research that was carried out by Gartner has found that the US organizations believe that poor data quality was found to be responsible for an average of about US$ 15 million in losses yearly.

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