Marketing is Not a Game For You to Guess

You should know that marketing is not a guessing game.

Frequently, in the marketing meetings and also in the client meetings, there is assumption that everyone has got an equal opinion and also equal knowledge.

Because I am making use of the Facebook, that means that I can do the social media marketing.
Because I have been sending emails before, that means that I know about the e-mail marketing.
I have read the newspaper severally, so I understand and know about public relations.
While it is important for you to listen to all sides of the story. It is also important for you to be based on the professional standards and best practices.

Here are some of the known tactics that have aided the 21st Century marketing scene:

Content Generation

To focus and to convert customers with precision. The content-driven marketing addressing potential needs and the concerns from the target audience is assured to bring in more leads. More often than not, the companies churn out content that is not just focused on their respective target audience and the runs, losing their attention. The research statistics indicate that the content marketing costs about 62% less than the traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads. For example, the content creation on TikTok, which is a social media application has generated buzz.

Age of Social Capital and Sustainable Marketing

In the age of sustainable marketing, the customers, especially the Millennials and the Gen Z, are significantly paying attention. To those brands that are well informed on the societal problems and the issues that are going on in the world.

This goes with the personal commerce, where customers co-curate their experiences with the brands. To reflect their preferences over a given period of time. In this instance, the businesses are to serve and engage with what they believe in, which may range from the traditional to the liberal views.

Brands build effective sustainability marketing when they are able to speak the customer’s language. And when they have actions that can solve a particular social problem. For instance, the Ghanaian skincare brand, the Nokware, appeals to the customers with its natural products and it’s sustainable packaging.

Technology and Automation

Less than two decades ago, the businesses focused their marketing efforts on the cold calls, billboards, the newspapers, and the tv adverts with stringent workflows and the processes.

However, recently with the emergence of technology, there are multiple marketing. And there are also the automation software that are helping companies to reach their goals. And to scale across multiple platforms with ease. It has inevitably made it really effortless to respond to customers, to also take orders and maintain connections. To support the content schedules and the customer relationships, brands now have got the power to schedule their posts ahead of time. Now automating initial inquiry responses on the WhatsApp, the Instagram, or the email, etc. For instance, the Nigerian hair company, the Natural Hair Wigs, make use of an automated email workflow as one of its revenue-generating channels.


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