The Ecosystem Marketing

The Ecosystem marketing (Where One Plus One Equals To Three)

Applying the Moore’s concept of a business ecosystem to the marketing efforts. We are forced to ask ourselves questions like how our organization’s small-view marketing system can fit into the larger industry one. This larger ecosystem is less of a market and it is more of a community. These has earned the media, it has the paid media and owned media. It is onsite, it is also offsite and offline. It has customers, competitors and also categories. Also it has individuals and organizations. It’s platforms, the agencies, the suppliers, the distributors, the providers, the vendors and other related and adjacent parties — together and interdependent.


How the Ecosystem Marketing Fits Into Your Marketing Strategy

The function of marketing ecosystems are so many and they also varies: They connect the stakeholders, the spread knowledge, the expand consumer choice and the uncover new discoveries.

Devoting your resources toward increasing your involvement in a business ecosystem can most times be a savvy marketing strategy. Another thing is you could just post a persuasive article on your company’s website and then you’ll promote it through your own channels. Or you could also contribute an informational piece in an industry publication. The second option that we have stated contributes to the community while heightening your organization’s visibility. It is possible you could host your personal promotional webinar, or you could participate in a third party’s educational panel if you choose. The latter will increase your audience and it will allow you to interact with them in a more meaningful way.

By envisioning your brand positioning in the terms of a business ecosystem. You can also leverage multiple channels. Individuals and the companies working together to engage the industry audiences in the new ways and spaces.

Establishing the leadership boosts your marketing effectiveness across the board. As far as how the collaborating in an ecosystem can be of help to you. It is a vehicle for you to build others’ confidence in your company’s promise and the position. As authors Christian Sarkar and Philip Kotler put it: Trust is the main currency of ecosystems. In fact, it is the future of your brand.

Working the (eco)system

Very interesting benefit to the complexity of the marketing ecosystem is the opportunity that is given to leverage multiple channels. So to work with one another to build a truly effective and engaging campaigns. Each and every component of your ecosystem has the ability to engage your audience in a different, but a very coordinated ways. Allowing each channel to start working effectively in its own particular way so to engage your audience’s imagination. Then start building upon the emotional responses that you have created. It is very key to moving your own audience and around your own micro-system. With the ultimate goal that is pursued – of building relationships and also closing sales.

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