How to Avoid Email Blacklists

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These techniques will help you avoid being blacklisted.

  • Ensure that all of your email subscribers are double-opted-in
  • Include an unsubscribe button
  • Keep your email list up to date
  • Optimize your email marketing campaigns
  • Secure your server
  • Avoid manually enter email addresses into your database
  1. Ensure that all of your email subscribers are double-opted-in

A confirmation email is sent to new subscribers after they join up for your mailing list. Using this method, you can be confident that the people who receive your emails are real people, and not just automated scripts. You can rest assured that your subscribers want to receive your emails, whether you’re sending a newsletter, promotional offers or new product announcements, because of the additional signup step.

Spam complaints and unsubscribes are reduced as a result. Double opt-ins improve email deliverability, boost the number of qualified leads, and build relationships with new subscribers.

  1. Include an unsubscribe button

The domain of your company may be blacklisted if anti-spam standards are violated, so include an unsubscribe link. Your subscribers’ experience will be improved as a result of this. To ensure that your emails are only sent to those who want to receive them, include an unsubscribe link in each one.

Tips for unsubscribing from email

  • Implement newsletter best practices. Emails that include an unsubscribe link are less likely to be flagged as spam by recipients. Subscribe to PlayStation’s email to stay up to date on all the latest PlayStation news.
  • Anti-spam legislation are important to know. Be aware of anti-spam laws in your market, state, and country in order to prevent being blacklisted.
  1. Keep your email list up to date

To avoid being blacklisted, check your email lists for spam traps. Tips for avoiding spam traps and cleaning up your email list:

  • Update your email list. Inactive subscribers should receive a re-engagement email. Remove unresponsive contacts to avoid spam.
  • Keep your to-do lists neat and orderly. Check your subscribers’ email spelling to avoid invalid addresses and spam traps. To avoid typos, use email validation and email checkers to ensure the validity of email addresses. Spam can be minimized by maintaining a clean contact list.
  1. Optimize your email marketing campaigns

Avoid sending generic email blasts to reduce spam complaints and avoid an email blacklist, including a URL blacklist. With email marketing software like Zoho Campaigns, you can send tailored emails to your customers.

Drag-and-and-drop email editor allows you to adjust the style and design, add text, buttons, images, HTML snippets, calendar invites, and polls to email messages.

  1. Secure your server

Use tools that scan IP addresses to keep your email server safe from bots and malware. If you follow email marketing best practices, you may still be blacklisted by these dangerous applications, which send fake emails. Your network server may have been compromised if someone else is utilizing your IP address.

Set up and keep up-to-date the security on your email server to avoid infection by malware and blacklisting.

  1. Avoid manually enter email addresses into your database

Do not manually input the email addresses of your contacts. As a result of this, your company will not be blacklisted. Unless they have agreed to receive commercial emails, don’t add physical contacts, such as business cards, to your email list. Your emails may be flagged as spam by people who aren’t supposed to receive them. Obtain the email addresses of potential customers by leading them to a sign-up form or landing page.


To earn the trust of blacklist operators, adhere to email marketing best practices. Email blacklists will not include your company if you follow the necessary procedures. To prevent being blacklisted, you must know what spam is and how to avoid it. Avoid being blacklisted by adhering to anti-spam laws and best practices in email marketing.

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