What to Put in Your Last Chance Emails

Your prospects will always have a thousand and one reasons not to take advantage of your offer. The trick is to pique their attention and instill a desire to shop by underlining that the opportunity will pass them by tomorrow and they must act now.

Last chance emails might pique your clients’ interest in a sale or other limited-time offer that might otherwise go overlooked. These are unique emails; they allow you to use more direct and sensational language and to add the most eye-catching photos and emoticons to your message. Let’s examine how you can capitalize on your clients’ FOMO!

What is a final opportunity email?

A last chance email is one that you send to your audience in order to persuade them to take advantage of an expiring offer. It may be anything — a discount, a limited-edition product series, or a one-time promotional code they can use. The reality is that your offer is time-limited, is about to expire, and you want to ensure that your subscribers do not miss it.

Thus far, everything has gone swimmingly. However, how can you truly persuade them to take advantage of the opportunity? To accomplish this, you must have a synergistic email copy and design. The trick is to instill a sense of urgency without succumbing to clickbait. In other words, your email should not be deceptive in any manner – don’t put a 24-hour countdown timer if your sale is a week long. It is always preferable to customize your last chance emails and notify users when their favorite things are on sale. Allow your email to precipitate a chain reaction:

  1. Your subscribers become aware that you’re running a limited-time promotion.
  2. They peruse your featured products and discover an item they had been eyeing but couldn’t afford.
  3. They recognize that now is the optimal time to get it, as the price will never be this low again.

This is a simplified timetable, but all last chance communications follow a similar pattern. They prey on a buyer’s anxiety of losing out on a good deal and subsequently regretting it. This is not manipulation — you simply get one step ahead of them and assist your audience in discovering your stuff on their terms.

Create and write recommendations for last-minute emails

It’s a well-known fact that human attention span is dwindling, but it hasn’t yet fallen below eight seconds, despite what some marketing resources claim. However, people lack the patience and inclination to read each and every promotional email from beginning to end – there are simply too many of them.

However, they still take pleasure in remaining on top of things. With the appropriate email design and copy, you may assist them in accomplishing precisely that.

Get straight to the point

Avoid discussing your brand or team in these emails; instead, use other types of communications for that. Rather than that, concentrate on the “now and now” and convey in a few lines how little time remains to take advantage of your exclusive offer.

Create the most audacious headlines possible

Your final chance emails should be brash and convey the magnitude and significance of your offer. Don’t be afraid to adopt a more informal, perhaps even cheeky tone in order to unabashedly capture all the attention.

Place a premium on scarcity

Include a countdown timer or just state when your offer ends and how many goods remain. After reading your email, your customers should feel as though there will never be another offer like this one and that they cannot afford to let this rare opportunity pass them by.

Simplify it excessively

Utilize extremely brief and succinct language. If you include a promo code, make it easily copyable and avoid hiding it beneath the fold. The same is true for a CTA button – it should be considerably more apparent than usual, as you cannot afford for it to be overlooked.

Include social proof

It will exacerbate your users’ FOMO when they observe all the happy consumers who have already taken advantage of your offer. Although last chance emails are not the place for extensive testimonials, you can include brief emotive testimonials or simply display the number of transactions made in the previous 24 hours.

Convince your subscribers to make a purchase

Connect your offer to the changing seasons, impending holidays, a major event, a new trend, or any other cultural or social occasion, and reinforce the link with visuals. You’ll elicit an emotional response and provide another cause for your users to consider purchasing from you.

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