8 Ways To Repurpose Content


1. Visual User-Generated Content

Sometimes the User-generated content may be likely similar to word-of-mouth marketing but it has one crucial element the latter lacks and that’s– visualisation.

Showing your target audience how real people handle your products or your services and also the benefits they get will award a sense of realness and authenticity to your online brands presence. Hence, the user-generated content is incorporated into the email marketing and is a very sure way to generate more interest for you, also you will have higher engagement from your audience.

Pro tip: Always ask your customers for permission to make use of their content in your email.

The benefits of user-generated content
1. Customer reassurance
2. Higher click-through rates
3. Low-cost promotion method
4. Builds trust with your target audience
5. Better engagement rates


2. Video Content Blog Posts Intro (and vice versa)

Did you know about 92% of marketers believe that video is a vital part of their email marketing strategy?
If it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words then… what do you think is the worth of a video?

From the promos of product service to “how to” and tutorial videos, this particular type of content works like magic for brands because it captures the audiences’ attention and it keeps them engaged and expectant.

The impact of video on the email marketing
1. 26% decrease in unsubscribe rates
2. Nearly 20% increase in open rates
3. Over 250% boost in click-through rates


3. Turning Webinars Into A Blog Post Or A Video

Usually, webinars are scheduled for specific times/dates, live events, split up into digestible sections and topics
Yet, what about if someone registered and couldn’t make it? Or, someone wanted to register but the time/date didn’t fit their schedule?

Regardless of what the situation would be, you can still make it work, you can extend the life of valuable content. How? Simply by repurposing the webinar and turning it into a blog or video post and also using email campaigns to promote it.

Since webinars are filmed events, converting them to a video (or a few clip) will be very easy to achieve. Alternatively, you can create a dedicated blog post with bite-sized essential information when you take some screenshots from videos.

Your webinars will never go to waste if you take this measures. Email marketing can help you to create more opportunities like – To follow up with absentees –
1. Promote the repurposed webinar’s content and include links to additional relevant resources
2. Providing answers to questions that were not addressed during the webinar section.
3. Promoting future webinars and offer access to help scheduled past events or future content


4. Social Media Content

Social media posts always have content ideas that you can leverage in email marketing. Therefore, you can save your time and also get the most out of your marketing efforts if you repurpose your social media content and use it in email campaigns. These are some ideas –

1. Best social media posts recap: Identify the post on social media that is best performing – i.e. Facebook, Pinterest Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Since these are your audience likes, shares, re-posts and interacts with.

2. Social tips into lists: All those wonderful tricks and tips and you’ve shared through your social media platform mustn’t be allowed to waste. Considering the time and effort especially that you’ve put into creating an epic selection your audience can use for achieving goals and solving problem.


5. Ebooks

Recycling content (i.e. social media posts, blog posts, video tutorials, etc.) Is a very brilliant repurposing content technique, putting all piece together into one epic, amazingly-designed and coherent story, an ebook, and promoting it via email marketing.

Your ebook’s chapter titles, visuals, and summaries can be a valuable asset in your email marketing strategy.

Aside from adding a great content delivery to your existing audience, ebooks can also help you grow your email list. How? By offering your leads/prospects a free copywhen they sign up on your website. This is not a bribe or a blackmail. It’s called an incentive.


6. Old Blog Content Into New Content

When you have written hundreds (or thousands) of blog posts. Unfortunately, it was only seen by a small audience, then, they got disregarded into a blog-post graveyard. This is colossal failure. Which is more valuable, new blog post or an old one?
The answer is: an old blog post.

These are the 3 ways you can repurpose your old blog content –
1. Publish an update – this is works very well how
2. Write a roundup – Use an old article to do a quick Q&A session with industry experts then publish you can publish all the answers in a new post with a link to your old one.
3. Refresh an old case study – Select an old blog post topic, gather all the relevant insights and visuals, and highlight everything you now do differently.


7. Transforming Your Blog Posts Into Guides

You’ve got tons of dufferent blog posts on all sorts of topics. Why not try to repurpose them and create a smashing guide that you can promote through series of email campaigns (a.k.a the drip campaigns). Or, you can just send one campaign, up to you.
Hint: This strategy of content repurposing also helps you to create an evergreen content.


8. Popularisation Of Your Most Popular Content

Do you think all your audience are aware of your most popular and useful content?

From social media posts and blogs to guides and video tutorials, you can repurpose your most popular, your top-performing content to give your subscribers a view of what they’ve been missing out on and what you have to offer them.

Through the repurposing of content, you will –

1. Reach a wider audience
2. Save time
3. get the most out of your old content

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