How to Use WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp is a free mobile messaging app for friends and family. Anyone with a smartphone can use WhatsApp for group messaging, calls, and media sharing. The app also allows users to communicate internationally.

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WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is ideal for reminding customers about promotions, providing accessible customer service, and increasing visibility. It’s now even easier to build positive customer relationships with WhatsApp Business.

With WhatsApp Business, you can provide personalized customer service via automated messages and chatbots. WhatsApp can then automatically send the messages you’ve created to the customers you’ve chosen.

Audience segmentation is synonymous with selecting customers in the app.

Also, if you have a global audience or customer base, WhatsApp makes it simple and cost-effective to communicate with them. This helps you build customer relationships abroad and solve problems quickly.

Next, we’ll show you how to create a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign using WhatsApp Business’s tools.

How to Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account

Making a WhatsApp Business account is simple if you already have the app. If not, search for “WhatsApp Business” in your local app store. If you already have a profile, the app will link it to a Business profile.

Enter a phone number after accepting the terms. This can be changed in Settings if you prefer not to use your personal number.

Then you’re done! From here, you can polish up your Business account. You can also start exploring business-specific features like contact labels and short links.

Features in WhatsApp Business

Let’s take a look at some of the features in WhatsApp Business.

First, in the “Business Profile” section, click “Business Settings” to access your company’s contact information. They’re very similar to a Facebook or Google Business profile. Describe your company in your WhatsApp Business profile.

So when you communicate with leads or customers, they’ll know they’re talking to your business. A green checkmark also identifies customers:

When WhatsApp verifies your account, it verifies the information you provided when creating your profile.

You can also use labels to organize sales functions, access messaging metrics (like when messages are sent, delivered, and read), and create a product catalog. Next, we’ll discuss how these features can help your marketing strategy.

Using WhatsApp for Business

You can use WhatsApp for business in several ways. WhatsApp is primarily used for communication and sharing.

WhatsApp is a powerful tool to have. You can gain visibility, automate communication, and streamline workflow.

The app is also free to download and manage, saving you money on new software. Let’s look at some other ways to use WhatsApp for business.

  1. Boost your company’s exposure

Like Facebook, WhatsApp lets businesses create a Business page. Customers will need to know your location, description, website, and contact information.

The catalog tool lets you bulk upload products so users can browse them via the app. This tool helps customers get an idea of what they can buy from your company. Having a business page increases the number of potential customers who can interact with your company via the app.

Let’s say your customers want to know what your company offers but don’t want to Google it. If your catalog is set up, they’ll be able to see your offerings before moving on.

Catalogs can showcase a new product line or highlight your most popular products to entice customers.

  1. Plan your tasks

WhatsApp has various grouping options. First, you can label your contacts to organize them. Use a CRM like HubSpot that integrates with WhatsApp to import contacts and manage conversations directly from the app.

You won’t have to manually add contacts to WhatsApp if you integrate it with your CRM. Both platforms will work together to import contact information.

Integration also allows you to save customer conversations. Customers of HubSpot can see previous conversations on their dashboard:

This will help you keep track of your clients and their relationships.

  1. Reduce response time

Customer service is a breeze with WhatsApp Business. You can also use a chatbot to automate responses to your audience’s questions.

Notice how you can save your customers time. This interactive “FAQ” saves time typing or copying and pasting answers to common questions.

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