Things to Note About Welcome Emails

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A Welcome Email introduces a company’s brand to new subscribers. It should thank subscribers for signing up, inform them of what to expect, and generate excitement for upcoming emails. Including the Welcome Email in your email marketing campaign avoids a negative tone for subsequent emails. Not only will a well-crafted Welcome Email be the most-engaged email in your program, but it will also be the first impression. Here are some suggestions for a successful Welcome Email.

Tips for successful Welcome Email

Follow this tips for your welcoming email. They are direct and simple to implement

1. Be Timely

Send the Welcome Email right away, before any other emails. Make sure it is sent immediately recipient sign up. It should be the first email they will receive.

2. Personalize and brand your subject line

This is an essential ingredient in welcoming emails. You need to make your welcome email to be personal to your subscribers taste. It should be personal to the brand. Likewise, welcome email should be personal based on location and many more.

3. Be kind and helpful

Make the email nice and thank them for joining. Make the email useful by providing all the information they need about your company.

4. Let the welcome email be easy

Make CTAs intuitive. Prepare an email that encourages new users to take the most important action. Limit actions to three. Always make it easy to unsubscribe. Your brand’s reputation is safe.

5. Be Informative

Give people a reason to trust you as a sender by explaining your email program. Set expectations for how often they will receive emails and what the emails will typically contain. Keep them intrigued with mystery. Tell them what they need to know, not everything.

6. Make it unique

Make the email memorable. There is nothing stopping you from making use of GIFs, emoji, storytelling elements and any other unique content. Just make sure your welcome email is unique.

Things to avoid in a Welcome Email

You need to watch out for some common mistakes why trying to make your welcome email unique. Check out the following things to avoid

1. Don’t ask them to forward the email

They’re still learning your brand. People lose credibility if they recommend products or services they haven’t tried. Wait until they love you before asking them to bug their friend.

2. Don’t ask too much and don’t rush

If your CTAs make them do more, you’ve missed the point of simplicity. If you want them to stay, don’t ask for their SSN and then bombard them with a one-page questionnaire about their likes and dislikes. Let the subscriber discover, learn, and be inspired by your brand.

3. Don’t always feel obligated to discount

Many people sign up for retailer emails to get deals, but why must the relationship begin with a discount? If you sell content, services, or B2B, don’t give them something for free or make something seem unique when it isn’t. Don’t tell them a discount is only for email subscribers when the same discount is available on the site. There are better ways to build a relationship and add value to your emails than immediately offering discounts.

4. Don’t let your creative become stale

Never be happy with your lot. A/B testing your Welcome Email is the only way to find out what works best for your audience. The winning version should always be used as the new control. To keep optimizing, change/test new creative approaches at least once a year.

5. Send more than one email

Create an engaging multi-touch onboarding journey. You don’t want a one-way email relationship.

In Conclusion

The Welcome Email is your first chance to make a good first impression on your subscribers. It’s also your chance to build a long-term relationship with your subscribers. It takes time and effort, but optimizing your Welcome Email is worthwhile.

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